A Pause in Nature

How are you? The world is slowly getting back to normal so please stay safe for yourself and for everyone else.

We love watching natures creatures enjoy the garden, so Ken has created a hedgehog hotel and I’ve made a sign for it so they can spot it easily. This is the view of the hotel from the side – the logs are actually covering a box which is full of hay to make a lovely comfortable bed.

We’ve been keeping an eye on a field mouse that has a burrow not far from the back door and he’s been picking up birdseed off the ground to store away in his underground hideaway.

My very clever husband has made a beautiful shelf for pots out of a inner shelf from a trunk. I love the colour he’s painted it as it really highlights the colour of the pots and flowers.

It’s been lovely and sunny this weekend so I’ve sat outside to get my Vitamin D and watch my beloved potter in the garden outside our back door. Over the weekend a young Robin has been keeping us company, hopping around us, obviously not having any fear of humans – lets hope that continues.

There hasn’t been a cloud in the sky, and there still aren’t many cars going along our road, so it was very peaceful, just sitting and enjoying the peace.

In keeping with nature and the garden, I made green buttercream icing for my most recent bake, vanilla cupcakes.

With the bright sunshine the cats have been following it around the house to do their main occupation of sleeping.

I do manage to get Ken to stop and sit down occasionally, which is fabulous as he makes a wonderful footrest. He also provides an even better view than the garden – he’s so gorgeous.

I’m going to finish on a serious note as in the last week we’ve all been witness to the horrific death of George Floyd at the hands of US policemen. Words cannot express the emotions I feel so I’m going to hand over to the inimitable Maya Angelou with her beautiful poem, And Still I Rise.

Stay safe and stand up to racism.

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