Isolation Continues

How are you? Surviving in whatever stage of lockdown you’re currently at? We’re doing okay but it feels really strange not going anywhere and knowing I won’t be able to until at least mid July.

There are really silly little things that I’m missing, and one of those was Vegemite, my taste of home, as there is only one supermarket in the our area of the highlands that sells it and I hadn’t been able to get a delivery from them. Then, miraculously, a slot opened up and I was able to order enough groceries to get a delivery, just for these two tiny jars. Breakfast every morning, vegemite on toast.

I’m sure I’ve told you before that I’m a very lucky girl to be married to the man I am, but he just keeps proving it to me. The day after the above arrived he made cheese and vegemite scones – so scrummy.

One of the big challenges for many of us is that hairdressers are closed and won’t be reopening for quite a while yet. I’m okay as I was growing out my colour to get to the natural grey underneath, and I can just let it grow. Ken on the other hand finally reached his breaking point yesterday as his hair had gone wild, so today his sister dropped off the hair clippers and he actually let me cut his hair off. See the before and after pictures below (and yes I did make him wear a bin bag).

After my brilliant hairdressing job we went for a walk around the garden together as it’s looking really lovely. There are hostas everywhere and several different kinds.

Ken showed me these two wasp nests that are on the inside of one of the sheds, which freaked me out a bit, but he finds them fascinating. They are quite amazing structures.

Two more shots of the garden which is so pretty and there are lots of rhodos in bloom. We’re so lucky to live in this beautiful space which someone else looks after.

First selfie we’ve done in ages but thought it would be good to document our lockdown hair.

The next post I do I may show you some of the creative things we’ve both been up to during lockdown. Ken’s are out in the garden and mine are a mixture of both.

Stay safe and stay sane.

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