Home Sweet Home

I’m still here, at home, hopefully staying safe. How are you? Going stir crazy, or are you getting back to the new version of normality.

My constant companions through lockdown are the two brats, who sit on chairs next to me whilst I’m working, follow me around the house when I do things, and Lord Rocky Horror even goes into the toilet with me. This picture below is really unusual as it looks all sweetness and light, but the reality is the Horror annoying Princess Cookie Cat until she breaks and fights back.

It feels like forever since I was able to go anywhere, and I really miss going out and about with my better half, exploring this beautiful countryside. When he’s out to walk Bramble Jelly, my beloved has been taking pictures of natures beauty so that I can enjoy it remotely. Love this picture of fungi on a tree. In fact fungi are one of his favourite things to photograph as there are so many different kinds here.

Have I mentioned lately how wonderful my husband is? He just keeps proving it and this week it was with the lovely surprise of three magazines I love and chocolates. It’s so silly the things we miss, and this was such a simple thing but no less special.

The challenges with working from home continue – on Thursday I was doing relaxation over zoom for people and our neighbour decided to start strimming his garden, so not the most relaxing sound. No one seemed to react to it, so I guess it was just me that it stressed out.

I have managed to do some baking, and this week it’s thumbprint cookies filled with marshmallow fluff and covered with chocolate. Ken had been wanting me to bake something involving chocolate, so hopefully this will satisfy his craving for a while.

I’ve just been joined by my little black shadow and he’s helping me decide what song to finish today’s post with.

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be in lockdown, but sometimes it seems like the safest place with all the crazyness in the world. To finish I want to share my favourite version of the Leonard Cohen song Hallelujah. It’s being sung by the incredibly talented K.D. Lang – amazing voice with so much emotion – enjoy.

Stay safe everyone.

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