Top Ten Thursday Scavenger Hunt on Friday

The last Thursday of the month is Photo Scavenger Hunt time. Here are the items we were supposed to take pictures of, which are chosen by our host for this blog hop, Tamara at Part-time Working Hockey Mom:

  1. Clouds
  2. Fly Amanita
  3. Sunflowers
  4. Peppers
  5. Native American
  6. Airplane
  7. Ice Cream
  8. Bridge
  9. Letters
  10. Bricks
1. Clouds – a beautiful sunset turned the clouds a variety of colours.
2. Fly Amanita – okay, who else just got a quizzical look on their face and wondered if it was an exotic airline company? After consulting Mr Google I discovered that it is the really pretty but very poisonous toadstool that looks like it’s out of a fairytale. Thankfully I took a photo of some last year when we were in Glen Shee, and of course a friendly unicorn had to get in the picture.
3. Sunflowers – love these bright, beautiful flowers and they always make me smile.
4. Peppers – my first instinct was to take a picture of some capsicums, but then I decided that pepper jars was more original.
5. Native American – this gorgeously decorated motorbike was at last years Thunder in the Glens which is held every year in August in Aviemore.
6. Airplane – this is a really fun mailbox that is part of the novelty mailbox trail in Tasmania.
7. Ice Cream – blue icecream so I’m thinking it was probably bubblegum flavour or candyfloss flavour.
8. Bridge – there are so many old bridges dotted around the highlands that we are often pulling the car over so that we can take pictures and explore a little.
9. Letters – I love how the people who make snickers have put different words on them to make your enjoyment of chocolate a little humorous. This one makes me smile as miffed is such a great word. 
10. Bricks – when we visit really old places like this graveyard and the remains of a very old church, I always place my hand on the old bricks to see if I can feel any vibrations from the past. I also like to imagine all the things those walls have seen.
Hope you’ve enjoyed my interpretation of the photo scavenger hunt, and why don’t you come and join us. Before you go, make sure you hop over to Tamara’s blog to see what my fellow bloggers have come up with.
Until next time, be good, stay safe, and have a wonderful week.
Pamela & Ken

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