Top Ten Thursday – Summer Time

This week, Tamara from Part-time Working Hockey Mom, has asked us to list the top ten things we did, enjoyed, read, ate, experienced,… this summer! It’s been an amazing summer here in the Scottish Highlands with days and days of glorious sunshine – it would have been even nicer if I didn’t have to work. Still, we managed to cram quite a few great things in over the past couple of months and I’m going to share a few of them with you now.

1. Not far from us is a lovely fruit farm and we, along with many other people, took advantage of their pick your own service, spending a lovely hour picking strawberries and raspberries. We ate some that night with cream and icing sugar, but the rest went in the freezer for use in smoothies.

2. On one of the very hot days we went to Carrbridge for lunch and then we watched some very brave lads jumping off the old stone bridge into the river below.

3. On visits to any beaches we did our bit for the planet and picked up any plastic we came across. We nearly always find shotgun cartridges no matter where we are.

4. Of course there were several visits to old graveyards and the overgrown ones look particularly lovely at this time of the year as they are very green and vibrant.

5. Like the big kids that we are we went to the circus when it came to town and sat in the front row. It was great fun and there were some very talented acrobats and strength performers.

6. For the first time ever we went camping for a night together. Yes we’ve done glamping but that’s where everything is provided for you, so this was a little different. We quite enjoyed it except for the size of the tent – we couldn’t stand up in it so maneuvering around was quite a challenge and we also had Bramble Jelly with us. I’d definitely do it again if we had a bigger tent.

7. We attended an art class together which was really interesting and fun.

8. Bramble Jelly Sassypants loves swimming so with the hot weather we’ve had she was even more eager to get in the water wherever we were. One day whilst I was at work even my beloved stripped down to his boxers and went in with her.

9. The brats, aka Lord Rocky Horror and Princess Cookie Cat, continue to provide us with lots of love and laughter no matter what time of the year it is.

10. The best thing about summer?? Being able to get out more in this beautiful part of the world with my wonderful husband – it’s been a fabulous summer so far.

How’s your summer been if you’re in the northern hemisphere, and I hope those of you in the south aren’t having too cold a winter. Before you go, make sure that you hop over to Tamara’s Blog to see what my fellow bloggers have been up to this summer.
Until next time, be good, stay safe, and lets all pray that the farmers in Australia get some rain.
Pamela & Ken

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday – Summer Time

  1. How fun. I love your furbabies. So precious.We are currently on a yacht club cruise and are in Benicia, California for the weekend. The rest of our boats will come in tomorrow. Dinner at the yacht club and then Saturday is the Peddlers Fair. A popular event with this crowd. So we've boated all summer.Have a fabulous day you two lovebirds. Scritches to the babies. ♥


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