Pyjamas, Fungi, and Beachcombing

Sometimes I have a weekend when I want to just stay in my pyjamas, read romances, watch tv, and see what everyone is up to on Facebook, and that was definitely yesterday, until my beloved dragged me out with him for a walk (don’t worry, he let me put on clothes first). What he failed to tell me was that the walk we were going on required me to climb over a farm gate to get to our destination – I’m not very good at climbing and thankfully Ken was too busy holding the gate still to take a photo of me in my ungainliness.

There were lots of lovely fungi lining our walk and here’s a selection for you to enjoy.

The area we were walking was actually an army firing range which Ken and Bramble Jelly often go to, as long as the red flags aren’t flying as that means there is shooting going on.

One of the places that the soldiers have to position themselves behind whilst aiming at targets further down the field.

Here’s a row of the automated targets that run along the bottom of the field.

Our main destination was the beach at the bottom of the firing range. My beloved knows if anything will get me out of the house apart from cake, it’s the chance to do some beachcombing.

We found this very large piece of driftwood, which is probably the length of me, with some really interesting patterns in the wood grain. We think it might be off a ship and would have loved to take it home but it was very firmly buried in the sand.

Looking out to sea.

Bramble in digging mode – it’s really funny watching her dig as she goes a bit crazy.

Look at this lovely photo – my very gorgeous beloved and the very cute Bramble Jelly.

Bramble had a great time running all over the place flushing out birds and chasing the scent of other animals that she had no hope of catching.

An old armoured vehicle that sits near the firing range.

After I survived getting back over the gate I was quite glad that Ken had dragged me out of my comfortable spot on the sofa and on the plus side we found lots of lovely pieces of sea glass.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and do something nice for yourself this week, even if it’s staying in your pyjamas all day.

Pamela & Ken

6 thoughts on “Pyjamas, Fungi, and Beachcombing

  1. Hi Pam – it's always good to get out for a walk isn't it – however much we're happy curled up with our book. Wonderful place to walk – when the red flag isn't out! Love the photos of Bramble, Ken and the wildlife, especially the mushrooms/ funghi – lots at this time of year …cheers Hilary


  2. Pamela,WOW, looks like an interesting place to take a walk! The fungi plants were super neat. What on earth did Bramble find on the beach? He sure was going at it in hyper mode. lol Enjoy your days of autumn. We're finally getting a tinge of fall weather this morning which is exhilarating! Thanks for stopping by for a visit & voting in my BoTB round! 😉


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