Friday’s Friendly Contemplations

One of my favourite things to do, apart from reading, is writing, so I love this blog link up at McGuffy’s Reader. In the Friendly Fill-ins we’re given written prompts (the words in purple bold) and then complete them how we wish.

1. Keep calm and practice gratitude. It’s such a simple thing to do, and only takes a moment but can make you feel better about your life. I often do this with my writing group, getting them to come up with at least three things that they’re grateful for – my three this week were:

I am grateful for living in an area full of natural beauty,
For having the right to choose my own destiny, 
And for quiet moments spent with my beloved.

2. Politicians disappoint(s) me. It feels like everytime we turn the news on there are more and more stories of unrest and discrimination around the world that stems from governments that are not working for the people but rather for their own grandiose ideas. (Sorry, I try not to bring up politics in our blog as it is such a divisive subject).

3.My beloved’s hug is my happy place.

4. In retrospect, I wish I had kept learning Arabic after my year in Saudi Arabia. I was never any good at languages at school, but being immersed in the culture and having to learn or not understand my patients was definitely the way to pick it up. I still remember a few words but I would need to do a lot of work to get back to the standard I was.

There you have my fill-ins – what would you have written? Before you go, pop over to McGuffy’s Reader to see what my fellow bloggers have come up with.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and take time now to think of three things you’re grateful for today.

Pamela & Ken

P.S: Princess Cookie Cat in relaxed mode.

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Friendly Contemplations

  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. Your kitty is adorable. I think most would agree with answer #2. It is never too late to learn a foreign language, although it is easier when we are younger. Have a nice weekend!


  2. Your answers are great. I can relate to them. #1 is especially great. I agree, and this is something that I am doing consciously, now. I am so very tired of negativity. If we really try, we can find good…and then share it. I hope that you join us for Sparks on Monday. HUGS.


  3. Princess Cookie Cat is so cute. :)Three things I am thankful for today: 1. Refrigerators that keep food at a safe temperature. 2. Air conditioners that allow me easier breathing. 3. A roof over our head. Your answer to #3 is very sweet. I feel the same way about mine. :)Have a blessed week!


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