Top Ten Thursday – Quirky July Holidays

Today’s top ten is about what we like or dislike about national holidays in July – slightly difficult as in the UK there aren’t any major ones that I know about, so I’ve looked up all the quirky national or international days that people around the world recognise.

There are some really strange ones, for example July 15th is gummy worm day?? Very odd.

Here’s my ten favourite that I’ve found.

1. I’m cheating slightly with the first one as it was actually last Friday which was June 30th. Ken heard on the radio that it was national cream tea day so off we headed to a cafe so that I could have a scone with jam and cream – well it would have been rude not to.

2. July 3rd is compliment your mirror day!! This is not as strange as it sounds, it’s based on the belief that you should look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a compliment.

3. July 21st is a day that all Australians should celebrate, and that is national lamington day. That wonderful sponge cake covered in chocolate and coconut which is named after a previous governor of Queensland. Guess what, I’ll be in Australia on July 21st so will be able to indulge.

4. Here’s one of the strangest days I came across – July 27th is take your houseplant for a walk day! I can see it now, hoards of people walking around the streets with their potted plants like a scene from the body snatchers.

5. National tattoo day falls on July 17th. Do you think there are loads of people around the world getting new tattoos to celebrate this one?

6. July 19th is national ice-cream day – this one I can take part in easily. I think my favourite icecream flavour is coconut, but love trying all the quirky ones that are around now. A shop near us does peanut butter and jelly icecream which is scrummy.

7. July 12th is simplicity day. I think that the busier we all get and the more technology that enters our lives then this day could be a reminder that we all need to stop and just be in the moment every now and then. Let our brains rest and enjoy a moment of peace.

8. Here’s a day that Hindus must love, July 11th is cow appreciation day. Whenever I see cows in a truck going to market I want to liberate them and put them in my imaginary farm sanctuary.

9. July 28th we all have a perfect excuse to eat chocolate as it’s milk chocolate day.

10. And finally, today, July 6th is international kissing day. Who are we to go against an important international day – there’s nothing I like more than smooching with my beloved.

What strange days have you come across and do you celebrate them? Before you go, pop over to Tamara’s blogΒ Part-time Working Hockey MomΒ to see what my fellow bloggers have come up with.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and take some time to enjoy some chocolate and ice-cream this week.

Pamela & Ken

P.S: Dates checked onΒ

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday – Quirky July Holidays

  1. #2 – well, that's kind of odd but perhaps some of us needs some self assurance?#6 – I can go for that, who doesn't like ice cream? I like breyers ice cream that comes in three flavors – vanilla, chocolate, strawberry – which I like eating them together #9 – oh yes, milk chocolate is my favorite kind of chocolateyour list has a food theme of sorts, did you notice?have a lovely day.


  2. What a fabulous list of \”interesting\” holidays and thanks to introduce me to Lamington – never heard of it, but I will put it in my calendar and try to make some on July 21 :-)I don't have any plants, so I can't take them for a walk, but I can certainly do chocolate!!!


  3. Well, I was aware of National Ice Cream day and celebrated with my favorite salted caramel truffle ice cream. Since chocolate is one of the major food groups, (what? it's not?) I make sure to include it every day too.


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