Top Ten Thursday – my blogging journey

This week Tamara at Part Time Working-Hockey Mom is celebrating her blog’s five year anniversary so this weeks top ten is all about our own blogging journey – our five year anniversary is in September.

1. Since I started the blog I’ve published 319 posts.
2. Considering I started the blog to share with family and friends in Australia, the top ten of countries our readers are from is quite interesting:
United States
United Kingdom
3. My long suffering husband has posed with lots of dodgy hats or wigs just for my amusement and to use in the blog – this wig that he put on at Cornbury music festival in 2014 was one of my favourites.

4. I’m not very good at planning my posts and often end up doing them at the last minute. It’s a bit like when I used to leave school assignments until they were due – I think I write better with a bit of pressure.

5. I love writing but always worry that I’m not writing in a way that makes sense – looking back at my past posts I can tell when I was most worried about this as the posts sound a bit stilted. When I write like I think, the words flow much better.

6. When I’m writing I tend to think more of what my beloved will think of the post than anyone else. I have to walk a fine line as he lets me get away with quite a lot (see above photo) and I would never want to really embarrass him.

7. My phone is my essential assistant for the blog, as 99% of the pictures that feature in our posts are taken with my phone. So when I change phones every couple of years my first question is always about the quality of camera.

8. I love taking part in blog challenges as it makes me think more creatively and I love coming up with interesting things for different themes.

9. I’ve discovered so many great blogs since I started ours and it always intrigues me why people may have started their blog.

10. Blogging affects our lives in a lot of ways as whenever we go on holiday one of my first questions is whether or not there is WiFi. When we’re enjoying days out I’ll be wondering what sort of photos will be the most interesting in the post, and know that even if the day doesn’t turn out how we wanted it can still make a great post.

I would love to have more time to spend on blogging but unfortunately we’re yet to win the lottery. If you’re reading this then I thank you for stopping by and I hope that you continue to visit and share in our (only slightly crazy) lives.

Before you go, pop over to Tamara’s blog and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with – click here to visit.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and thank you for being out there.

Pamela & Ken

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday – my blogging journey

  1. #3 – nice wig! I was wondering about that image since you used that as the icon for your link at Tamara's blog.#4 – that's me too, though I did written some posts ahead, I usually write them the day before or the very same day I post, but it's not important, we all should be comfortable to post when we want to#5 – I've never find any of your post not making sense but I also kind of worry about it too because, some things just sounds odd no matter how it's written#8 – that's me too#9 – I read a lot of about pages and it's really interesting how people have certain types of reason to start blogging#10 – I also kind of thought about if something is good enough to post because everything can be on your blog if you have enough interest in ithave a lovely day.


  2. Haha, Ken is a great guy, but you know that.Audience stats are always interesting. Mine are USA, Switzerland, Russia, Germany, France, UK, Canada, Ukraine, South Korea and Poland.I try to write ahead because I cannot be sure I will have quiet time at the last minute.I'm totally the same about wifi, not only for blogging purposes, it's just a basic need.Thanks for linking up – your blogverary is not far away!


  3. Hi Pam – love seeing Ken in his wig. Great range of people you've met via blogging … I'm always thinking will this make a good post – trouble is I need a while to get them written up. I started as I wanted to learn more about the net – 10 years ago, and then when my mother was terminally ill I needed something to stimulate my brain and give me something different to talk to her about … or at least a lead in a different direction: it worked … cheers Hilary


  4. Funny story, my sister-in-law just booked a week away for her family which includes two teenage boys, and she forgot to check if there is wifi, which there isn't – that's going to be a fun holiday.


  5. I am so far behind in reading blogs I follow that everytime I try to catch up I get further behind, so who has time to blog? There is just so much to to in a day.


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