X is for Xanthic

We’re up to the horror letter of X in the A to Z blogging challenge and I have a new word for you to add to your vocabulary – Xanthic, which means ‘of or relating to a yellow or yellowish colour’ (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/xanthic).

At this time of year there are carpets of yellow around the highlands with gorse growing wild. It creates a sea of bright yellow that when hit by the sun is so bright you need to wear sunglasses. These pictures are taken at Hopeman which is 23 miles east of us.

Bramble Jelly loves running along the walking tracks but wasn’t loving that she couldn’t go into the bushes. She could if she really wanted, but the spikes on gorse bushes are very evil to the point that when you walk through we had to keep our hands clear of the plants.

Selfie of us with the beautiful xanthic flowers behind us (see, so easy to use in a sentence, it just rolls off the tongue).

Hopeman is a really lovely area and there are great walks along the seafront and sandy beaches to explore. There are also really pretty beach huts that are painted in all sorts of bright colours.

This photo shows two slightly different colours of the gorse – I’m not sure if this means that they’re different breeds.

Now for a different xanthic flower, rapeseed – fields of sunny yellow flowers that produce the oil that is actually fairly good for you. I should say good for you when you’re cooking/baking with it, not so good for me and my hay fever – just know I suffered for my art by getting these pictures.

Ken and Bramble patiently waiting for me whilst I take photos.

This is my arty shot to finish as it’s got both gorse and rapeseed in it – a multitude of xanthic flowers for you to enjoy.

There we go, I hope you enjoyed learning a new word and seeing all the beautiful xanthic flowers that cover the highlands in the spring time. Before you go, why don’t you pop over to the A to Z blog to see what my fellow bloggers have come up with –Β Click Here to visit.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and enjoy all the beautiful flowers where you live.

Pamela & Ken

9 thoughts on “X is for Xanthic

  1. Oh this post makes me so happy! What fabulous photos – I'm just drinking in all the yellow-y goodness. And rolling xanthic around on my tongue. It's my favorite word of the day. πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Pam – I love gorse – lots of it in Cornwall … while rape really stands out in the landscape – I prefer linseed -with the blue flower! But wonderful shots and lovely to see – cheers Hilaryhttp://positiveletters.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/y-is-for-y-artists.html


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