J is for Jemimaville

For J in the A to Z blogging challenge I was struggling to come up with something and then we discovered Jemimaville! What a fabulous name.

Jemimaville is 36 miles from us and is in the area that is called the Black Isle.

I love the name as it makes me think of Play School and I imagine lots of Jemima dolls living in the village. Just for anyone that is feeling nostalgic, here’s a little video celebrating play school. Jemima is the doll sitting on Tim Minchin’s knee.

The village was founded in 1822 as an estate village and was named after the wife of the local Laird. It overlooks the Cromarty Firth where there is always a line of oil rigs either heading out to the north sea, or coming in for repairs.

This is the view looking along the village with lovely old style houses – I’ve found this photo on the internet which shows exactly the same view in 1920 (minus the car) – click HERE to view.

We found this interesting dog sitting outside someone’s door – he looks a little befuddled.

There you have it, the quirky little village of Jemimaville. Beffore you go, why don’t you pp over to the A to Z blog and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with for the letter J – click HERE to visit.
Until next time, be good, stay safe, and I wonder if there are any strange sounding villages where you live.
Pamela & Ken

7 thoughts on “J is for Jemimaville

  1. Hi Pam and Ken – I hope you can get over to Jemima's blog and also then meet her Kevin … on another joint blog they have … I'll have to come back when I find the links … she'll love seeing your Jemima village – cheers Hilaryhttp://positiveletters.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/k-is-for-kashmiri-goat.htmlGeorge's World is one: https://georgesgpworld.uk/2017/04/12/j-for-joint-support-atozchallenge/ Jemima is here: http://jemimapett.com/blog/2017/04/12/jemima-pett-who-anyway-atozchallenge/


  2. Have you been to all the places you're talking about, or were you visiting some just for the blog?Love the comparison 1920 / today! The fence has changed, too, but the houses are exactly the same!


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