Cafe’s and snow in the Cairngorms

Today we headed out to for a day of fun despite the weather being atrocious – raining a lot. We headed towards Aviemore and Rothiemurchus figuring that if it kept raining there were lots of cafe’s for us to sit in away from the dreich (Scottish for dreary) weather. On our way there we went past this school which had the most fabulous paintwork. It’s an eco school promoting reusing and recycling.

When we arrived in Aviemore the rain seemed to get heavier so we went straight into a cafe for lunch. My beloved thought he was ordering a panini but by accident ordered the special which was a bowl of soup, a toasted panini, salad, crisps, and a piece of cake to follow – he was a little stuffed afterwards.

These were the cakes he got to choose from and he went for the one at the front with the raspberry and strawberry on the top.

At Rothiemurchus there is a really lovely shop which sells gifts but also has a farm shop attached. We were quite amused by the name of this beer – Sheepshaggers Gold. It is brewed at the Cairngorm Brewery in Aviemore and on the bottle is says “the best beer baa none”.

Ken then spotted these fabulous dry rub mixes that sound a bit like they should be in a fancy health spa rather than a farm shop.

We went for a drive to Loch an Eilein which is not far from Rothiemurchus – I don’t have any pictures as the carpark is a little way from the loch and it was now sleeting so didn’t fancy doing the walk. Definitely something for another day as it is meant to be a really lovely walk around the loch and there is a ruined castle on the island in the middle of the loch – the walk is 4.5miles.

When we left to head home the sleet started turning into snow, which you can see on the sides of the roads.

Once we got onto the road back to Nairn the snow had well and truly set in, with the road quickly getting covered.

Bramble was loving the snow, finding lots of interesting scents in the heather and taking off after the trail – she was showing that she’s a true spaniel with her nose fixed to the ground.

What a beautiful girl – posing so perfectly despite her bottom getting frozen.

Pablo waiting patiently in the snow – a couple of other cars did go past us whilst we were wandering around, but most sensible people were staying in.

I know those tracks – they belong to the very rare Bramble Jelly Sassy Pants.

Look, I’ve come out from behind the camera – I think I must have had a sixth sense about the weather as underneath the coat I’ve got three other layers, including a thermal top.

That’s our brief day out enjoying various cafes (yes, there was more than one but I don’t have photographic evidence of them both) and the awful weather. Until next time, be good, stay safe, and be kind to yourself this week.
Pamela & Ken
P.S: Final two pictures are of Bramble in a couple of outfits I tried on her when we went to the pet store – I think you can tell by her face that she’s not very impressed. My favourite was the pink hoodie but I restrained myself and left them in the shop.

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