Top Ten Thursdays – Vision Board

Have you ever made a vision board? I haven’t either, but this weeks top ten is the things we would have on our vision board. I know that some people use them to picture what they want to achieve in their careers, relationships, or simply in their life. I’ve had a think (yes it did hurt my brain) and these are the things that are on my virtual vision board, mostly places or things I want to do.

1. Cat Cafe Aberdeen – a few years ago we went to the cat cafe in London and it was fabulous, I was in crazy cat lady heaven. I’ve now found out that there is one in Aberdeen which is only a couple of hours from us so it is high on my list to visit this year. It’s called the Cat in the Window Cafe and if you’re interested, click HERE to visit their website.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium London
2. Live Music Festivals – last year due to the arrival of our new furbie (Bramble Jelly) we didn’t go to any festivals, so this year we need to make an effort to get out there and enjoy some outdoor music.
Bellowhead performing at Cornbury

3. Picnics – another thing we didn’t do last year was go for any picnics which is something we love to do. So this year part of exploring the Scottish Highlands will include being organised enough to take our food with us and enjoy it in the great outdoors.

Harris, the Outer Hebrides
4. Tasmania – this year we’re going home to Australia for three weeks, and the majority of that time is going to be in Tasmania. (It’s not technically a vision board thing as the flights are booked, but I’m still putting it out there).
Fossil Bluff beach – Tasmania
5. Coffee – I can’t leave the elixir of life off my vision board as without it none of the other things will get done. Skinny latte, one shot, with room for cold milk – perfect.
6. Sandcastles – I love building sandcastles and haven’t done so for a few years now as adult life has got in the way. It’s such a fun thing to do and as we live right by the sea now there’s really no excuse, so watch this space for future creations.
Ken’s mega castle on Harris
7. Travel – I love finding out more about the world we live in by actually experiencing places and there are so many places we’d love to visit. Top of my list at the moment are Ljubljana (Slovenia), Sintra (Portugal), Prague (Hungary), and Reykjavik (Iceland)
8. Survive A to Z – yes, the A to Z blogging challenge is looming ominously at the end of this month. All of April, posting nearly every day, and I still have no idea what my theme is going to be. I keep hoping that inspiration will hit me but so far nothing. 
9. For Ken – if my beloved had a vision board then I’m sure that a major feature on that board would be cars, and in particular the E Type Jaguar, which is the first car he would buy if we won the lottery.
10. Affirmations – all through my daily planner I have positive thoughts and sayings that I have stuck into it as I think that saying these things to yourself can help remind you to be kind to  yourself and take time to be grateful for everything that you have. I saw this one hanging in a cafe and really liked it, so this would be in the middle of my vision board with the rest of the top ten circled around it.
There you have it, my top ten things that are on my virtual vision board for this year. Before you go why don’t you pop over to Tamara’s blog, Confessions of a part-time working mom and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with in their list – click HERE to visit.
Until next time, be good, stay safe, and think about what would be on your own vision board this year.
Pamela & Ken

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursdays – Vision Board

  1. I would want to build sandcastles too, have never done though, which could be on my list except I really do not like beachesaffirmations – those are good to not only to make us think but also encourages ushope you have a lovely day.


  2. So much fun stuff on your board!I hope you'll get to do many of those things – and as a nice bonus we'll get to read about them here…I have chosen a theme for A-Z, and I have mapped out my month of April. Still lots of writing to do, though. WHEN???


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