Top Ten Thursdays – Motivation

This weeks top ten is something that I lack on a regular occasion – motivation! I regularly have days where I’d quite like to stay under the duvet with my beloved and leave the world outside to carry on without us, but as a grown up I’m not really meant to do that so have to find the motivation to do things.

1. My beloved – no surprise that Ken is the number one thing that motivates me to do anything. He is my reason for being and he encourages me with all my slightly crazy schemes.

2. Music – sometimes the best thing to do when feeling unmotivated is to put on some loud music and sing at the top of your voice. One of my favourites to do this to is a song that came out in 1992 – What’s Up, 4 Non Blondes.

3. Treat yourself – being motivated in life isn’t all about making plans and sticking to them with no wriggle room. Make sure you treat yourself occasionally in order to keep doing what you want to do. The treat could be getting your nails done, or going for coffee and cake with a good friend.

4. My Soulmate – (okay, I may be cheating slightly but he definitely deserves more than one mention). Exercise is one of my least favourite things to do and also difficult for various reasons, but Ken encourages and supports me and we often include an exploratory walk in our adventures which helps keep me moving.

5. A Motivational Speech – not from someone else, but from yourself. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a good, rousing self talk to get ourselves moving. Maybe not quite as stirring as this one from Independance Day, but whatever works for you.

6. The sun – I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but when the sun is shining it makes everything a bit brighter and improves my motivation greatly. For those that think the sun doesn’t shine very much in the Scottish Highlands, you’re very much mistaken as the sun shines plenty, it just doesn’t have much heat behind it.

7. Equality – I don’t think that this needs an explanation, but equality is something I believe in and that keeps me motivated to sign petitions, write to politicians, and stand up for this fundamental right of human beings.

8. Animals – they motivate me to be a better human being. How anyone can cause harm to an animal is beyond me and I would love it if the laws on animal cruelty were a lot harsher.

9. Love – I think that the desire to be loved and to give love motivate the majority of us at some point in our lives. I’m very lucky to have a wonderful love in my life (you knew it would get soppy at some point so you can stop rolling your eyes now) that makes everyday special and often motivates me to ask myself how I got so lucky.

10. Ken – enough said but he is my constant motivation everyday of my life.

That’s it, my list of ten things that can motivate me when I really need it. Before you go why don’t you pop over to Tamara’s blog, Confessions of a part-time working mom and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with – clickΒ HEREΒ to visit.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and do whatever you need to do to stay motivated this week.

Pamela & Ken

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursdays – Motivation

  1. #2, 3 – oh yes, why not?#1 & 4 – of course, now if only I have someone like Ken….#5 – that's me too, I talk myself into things or else nothing gets done#6 – sure, sunny days makes one think of bright things#7 – absolutely#8 – just the other day, I thought I wanted to be a cat because they lead such simple lives#9, 10 – very lucky indeedhave a lovely day.


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