Top Ten Thursdays – Being Thankful

It’s top ten Thursday and as it’s Thanksgiving day in America we’re talking about the things we’re thankful for. Normally I would do a list that was full of things like my beloved, the furbies, and my favourite foods, but today I’m feeling a need for a different type of gratitude, especially with all that is going on in this great big crazy world at the moment.

My top ten:

10. Education: I am thankful that I was born in a country that everyone, not just males, are entitled to education. I’m particularly lucky as I started school when I was still a baby as mum had to go back to work as a primary school teacher – some of my earliest memories are of sitting amongst bigger children listening to stories, and yes, when I started school mum was my teacher for the first two years.

Me and mum
9. Freedom of speech: Too many people in the world do not have the right to speak up against what  they perceive as an injustice and again I am thankful for the country I was born in and the country that I now call home.

8. The right to vote: as a woman I really do appreciate the right to vote, especially when you think about what the Suffragettes went through to gain us that right. It really frustrates me when people say that they’re not going to vote because it doesn’t matter – yes it does, it really, really does.
7. Travel: there is a huge world out there and I know I’ll only ever scratch the surface but travel has taught me so many things about myself and other countries. I love learning about new cultures and their customs, food, and history – my travel bucket list is huge and my feet are starting to get itchy again for exploring a new country.

6. Water: Another thing that those that have ready access to often take for granted. Imagine not being able to turn on a tap and have access to fresh, clean water. I am very thankful for the abundance of water in the countries I have chosen to live in.

5. Love: I am thankful that I am allowed to love freely and openly. Did you know that in 13 countries being gay or bisexual is still punishable by death? That is just so wrong and we should all be using our right to free speech to speak out about that.
4. Right to Marry; I’m thankful that when I wanted to get married I was allowed to. Yes, Ken had to be interviewed at Australia House, but that was just a formality. Come on Australia, please bring in marriage equality, as everyone has a right to marry the person they love.
3. Food to eat: I think sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have enough food to keep us satisfied when so many people in the world go hungry. Even in your own community there are people that are struggling from day to day. Maybe, to show how thankful you are, find out if you have a local food bank and next time you go shopping just add a few extra things to your trolley to help others. For those in the UK, this is the link to the Trussell Trust where you can search for your local facility – click HERE.

2. Bed to sleep in: knowing that I have a bed to sleep in and a roof over my head is something to be thankful for every day. I’ve spoken to many homeless people over the years, and believe me when I say, “there but for the grace of God go I”. So tonight when you snuggle down into your warm bed, spare a thought for those less fortunate and whether or not you can do something to help them.

My beloved and Muffin Monster – I miss her.
1. My beloved: I know I implied that I wasn’t going to do the expected but I just can’t help myself, as he is the one that keeps me sane in this big crazy world, his are the arms that make me feel better, and his is the face I want to see last thing at night and first thing in the morning. I am thankful every day for Ken, my best friend and my husband.

That’s my top ten of things to be thankful for – what would be in your top ten? Before you leave why don’t you pop over to Tamara’s blog, Confessions of a part-time working mom, to see what my fellow bloggers have come up with – click HERE to visit.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and remember to be thankful – there’s always something.

Pamela & Ken

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursdays – Being Thankful

  1. Wonderful list, Pamela, I agree with everything!About the bed: the nights prior to a night flight I ALWAYS specifically enjoy sleeping in a regular bed! Being homeless must be the worst. I understand some people don't want to go to a shelter because they don't like the rules, so they'd rather sleep on the street 😦


  2. Thanks Tamara. My favourite night in our bed is the night we get back from a long haul holiday – that feeling of being to stretch out in comfort. Yes, I've spoken to people that would prefer to be on the streets rather than deal with all the red tape of living in a shelter or taking on a property.


  3. Great list!I think the top thing you should be grateful for is that your husband willingly sleeps in pink floral bedrooms without complaint AND let's you take pictures of him doing so. Then, of course, you go and post them on the net for all to see! 😉 Yep, I can see why he's #1 on your list. He had better be … or else, if I were him, I'd be offended! lol. 🙂


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