Five Fridays Until Christmas

I’m going to do something now that is really going to annoy some people, my beloved included – I’m going to write a post about Christmas in November!!! Mr Grinch (Ken) believes that Christmas should be banned until two weeks before the day – I don’t really believe him, though he has bought himself a pair of grinch pyjama bottoms.
I love Christmas – the music, the decorations, the good will towards everyone, and of course the food. In the past Ken and I would go into London to look at all the really fancy decorations but we now need to find all our new places to enjoy the lights and craziness.ย 
The first lovely place is Brodie Countryfare which is a lovely shopping experience. They have decorated the place beautifully and I couldn’t resist taking photos. Keep in mind that everything that is pictured is for sale, especially if your last name is Griswald.

Scrummy looking chocolate Christmas trees. There were lots of different chocolates themed for this time of the year and they all looked delicious.

These are all tins of biscuits and they’re so pretty – I especially love the Christmas tree one and the round one with Christmas stockings. (hint, hint Ken).

All the Christmas trees were decorated perfectly with matching colour schemes – nothing like our eclectic mish mash of a tree that I love as nearly every decoration has a meaning.

This Santa Claus came up to my chest – imagine having that in your home. Princess Cookie would use it as a scratching post and Bramble would try and play with it and then chew it to death.

Love this ceramic gingerbread house – they had some that were huge and all of them were adorable.

Another perfect looking Christmas tree to end our visit to Brodies.

Another place that has great decorations but I’ve yet to take photos inside is Simpson’s Garden Centre which is not far from where I work. I’m going to a charity event there next week so I will definitely take photos. This is one of the many trees that line their car park and as we drove towards them the first time they were lit up, I’d hardly finished saying “Awww” when my beloved spun the wheel and drove us into the carpark so that I could admire them up close. Have I mentioned lately how much I love him?

At the weekend Ken and I went for a day out to Dornoch and one of the buildings we were in had two very different Christmas trees, both in the foyer. The first one, lovely traditional and colour coordinated.

The second one made out of bits of a whiskey barrell and draped in fairy lights – just something a little bit unique for the person who likes the minimalist look.

Final two shots are from Eastgate Shopping Centre in Inverness. Beautiful hanging icicles.

Fairy light chandeliers.

I hope all these pictures have helped get you in the mood for Christmas which is only one month and two days away. Just in case you’re not there yet, here’s a lovely song, one of my favourites, to really get you in the Christmas mood.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and we hope that wherever you are in the world you are safe and warm tonight.

Pamela & Ken

6 thoughts on “Five Fridays Until Christmas

  1. That is one of my favourite Christmas songs Pamela and am listening to it while i type this. Like you and am really excited about Christmas, we have a tradition each year where my friends children come, there will be about 8 of them from 5 to 17 and they do our decorating, we have lots of christmas toys which they love getting out and playing with and the tree, my lounge will look wonderful by the time they finish, we have a big (children themed) lunch with christmas crackers etc. Am looking forward to Sunday when all this happens. I like you love this time of year. love the blog


  2. I feel like most guys are a little bit…apathetic towards Christmas until just a couple of days before! Loved this post and seeing all of the amazing Christmas trees, they're all so pretty


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