Top Ten Thursdays – it’s the little things

It’s time for Top Ten Thursdays, which is hosted by Tamara over at Confessions of a part-time working mom, and this week it’s all about the little things that make our days. This post comes with a health warning, several things on the list are going to involve my gorgeous man so be prepared for a huge dose of romance (I could have just put Ken’s name beside every number because he is the one that makes my day, but I’ve resisted).
1. The perfect milky coffee:  my beloved makes one for me first thing in the morning and in the evening when we’re watching TV. It’s a big hug in a mug.

2. Fresh flowers: my adorable husband regularly buys fresh flowers to put around our home which I love as they really brighten the place up. He always makes sure that they’re displayed really nicely as well.

3: The Great British Bake Off: I love this show and it’s so nice to sit down with my coffee and watch people baking amazing things. It doesn’t hurt that the silver fox that is Paul Hollywood is quite easy on the eyes, and Mary Berry is adorable.

4. Bramble running: It so makes me smile when Bramble runs to me with her ears flying in the breeze. She runs so fast that she can’t stop when she gets to me – it makes me feel really loved when I see the look on her face as she runs at me.

5. Sunsets: There are some amazing sunsets here in the highlands and they always give me a good feeling inside. They especially make me smile if my beloved is on the children’s climbing frame shaped like a ship doing the scene from Titanic.

6. Yellow Cars: years ago one of our neighbors in London made the mistake of telling us about a driving game him and his wife played. Basically it’s hitting the other person on the thigh if you see a yellow car because yellow cars aren’t as popular as other colours. Well, we’ve taken the yellow car rule and included anything that moves under it’s own power and we regularly have debates over how much yellow has to be on a vehicle for it to count. My beloved told me recently that an executive decision (him) had been made to say that it had to be 80% yellow. The other debate we have is over the actual colour – sometimes a dodgy orange or pale green may slip through the net.

 7. Front Step Rocks: We have a collection of rocks and old shells on our front step which usually just sit in a random pile which in itself makes me smile, but every now and then my artistic husband designs something out of them which really makes my day when I see it. Below are two different lizard/dinosaur creatures that he created.

8. Funny cat videos: sometimes you can be having a bad day and just need something to make you smile so a guaranteed way to do that for me is to watch funny cat videos on YouTube. One of my favourites is the one below which is of cats stealing dogs beds – watch and smile.

9.Honeymoon picture: this picture hangs in our front hall and it always makes me feel good for several reasons. We bought it on honeymoon on the island of Samos, Greece, and the reason we bought it was that we decided that it was us when we get older – still holding hands despite the walking sticks. Ken has shrunk a little bit so there is still potential for this to be our reality – the holding hands is a definite as that is just how we are.

10. My work: I know, it’s quite shocking for me to put work as one of the things that make my day especially as I’m the person that always reminds others that we work so that we can live, not live to work. I really love my job and there can be moments that remind me why I do what I do in supporting people with cancer, and those moments can make my day, and even my week. It helps that the environment I work in is beautiful and incredibly relaxing.

Looking downstairs into the centre
So there you have it, the little things that can really make my day – what are the things that make your day? Why don’t you pop over to Tamara’s blog, Confessions of a part-time working mom and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with for their lists – click HERE to visit.
Until next time, be good, stay safe, and enjoy all the little things that bring a smile to your face.
Pamela & Ken

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursdays – it’s the little things

  1. fresh flowers- oh yes, I want them tooI love sunsets almost as much as sunrise though I don't wake early enough to see onecat videos- why not? I also like those cat images with fun captionsgood list, have a lovely day.


  2. So many wonderful things that brighten your day!The yellow car thing certainly makes for healthy discussions! If you care for cancer patients you must witness many tough situations. I am sure your patients appreciate your positive attitude and your smile 😀Wonderful list!


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