My Town – a photographic blogging challenge

The photographic blogging challenge is hosted by P. J. at A ‘lil Hoohaa and September’s theme was the town we live in. I was going to be so organised this month but life definitely got in the way so I took all but one of the photos yesterday, and I decided to focus on the harbour and beach as that is one of the reasons we moved here in December. After living on the outer edges of London for 18 years, having the chance to live by the sea was a huge deciding factor in moving to Scotland.

1. A dogs eye view: slightly arty shot showing what our puppy dog can see of the beach as we walk along one of the paths adjacent to the beach. I love these grasses as they make gentle noises in the breeze.

2. The Fishwife: Below is what is written on the statue’s plaque.

“In Nairn, when the fishing industry was at its height in the late 19th century, the fishwife played a very important role within the community. As well as being responsible for caring for house and family, she also gathered bait, baited lines, gathered durkins (pine cones for smoking fish) prepared and smoked fish, including the famous “Nairn Spelding” then sold them throughout the local area from the creel on her back.”

3. Nairn at sunset: the skies here are so amazing and I don’t think I’ll ever tire at looking at the amazing artwork that is created by the clouds and the sun as it says goodby to the day.

4. Harbour at dusk: it’s a small harbour but it manages to squeeze in quite a large number of different sized boats.

5. Harbour at night: I’m not very good at taking night shots normally as I’m not very steady with my hands and haven’t got a tripod, but was really pleased with how this one came out.

There you have it, the five photos for the theme of my town, but basically it’s my beach and harbour.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and take a look at what makes your area special for you.

Pamela & Ken

16 thoughts on “My Town – a photographic blogging challenge

  1. I am a sucker for waterfront and sunset pictures, so I was very happy with your post!Cool idea to go there at different times of the day – and night!Thanks for your help with posting this month ❤️


  2. I think my favorite is the dog's eye view. I never think about what my dogs see as opposed to what I see. I love that! And speaking of love… my love of the ocean runs deep – so these photos made me smile!


  3. Good work on the theme and I like your town! The harbor shots are really nice. Looks like you made the right choice moving there! Seems like a nice spot.


  4. Have visited London once and did LOTS of walking to see the sights. There were many man made things to photograph, but I prefer Mother Nature's work myself, so am glad you are now living in Nairn and can show us your beautiful new home. The statue is a good piece of history. The dog's eye view is fun! Compliments on your night photo. If you don't have a tripod, I find the next best thing is to use a railing or post to steady my camera for the longer shutter speed. Well done!


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