Sheds, Wullies, and cats in the Highlands

Today we went to the Inverness Botanic gardens for a wander and the first thing we did was go into the cafe and have cake. Mine was the closest I can get to a Cherry Ripe in this country – chocolate, cherries, and coconut in a cake.

The botanic gardens are small but beautiful and there were so many flowers out which made it even more spectacular. This Orchid is such a lovely colour and the flowers are quite big.

I’m not sure what this plant is but I liked it because the leaves are pink.

Not long after we arrived we were welcomed by Shadow who lives at the gardens. Such a handsome gentleman and so glad we got to meet him this time.

Here’s a few photos taken around the garden showing the gorgeous flowers.

Bumblebee showing me his bum

At the moment there is a display of sheds at the gardens – it’s part of the Scottish festival of architecture and they have been designed by various famous architects and designers including the person who designed the Kelpies. There are 18 in total and they are travelling around Scotland, staying in Inverness until September 4th.

There are some great examples of recycling with strawberries being grown in water and milk bottles.

Dotted around the gardens are homes for animals including hedgehog houses and like the one below, bug hotels.

Really liked this potted tree with the lovely flowers around the base.

Inverness is currently home to the Oor Wullie bucket trail – Oor Wullie is a cartoon character who first appeared in print in 1936. There are four based at the botanic gardens so that saved us traipsing around the city. This one was designed by Lynsey Henderson.

I loved this area of the garden with lots of lavender and climbing plants to cover the arbours.

This Wullie has been designed by Sally Adam and was inspired by Marilyn Monroe – not sure what die hard Oor Wullie fans will think.

More gorgeous flowers – love the mix of colours that create such vibrancy throughout the garden.

When we got to the cactus house we discovered that Shadow had found a lovely warm spot to have a sleep – sensible cat as the stone bench was very warm.

I love cacti and there are some really large spectacular ones at the botanic gardens – mine have got a little way to go before they get this big.

This Wullie was designed by Stuart McAlpine Miller and is meant to be a play on the Where’s Wally books, with several Wullies hidden within the design.

Lots of pitcher plants – Ken checked them for insects but we couldn’t find any to photograph for you.

The last of the Oor Wullies at the botanic gardens – this one was designed by John Carr.

After our visit to the gardens we went for a walk along the Caledonian Canal so that Bramble Jelly could stretch her legs. It was a lovely spot with lots of boats moored up.

Huge holiday barge passing through the canal – they have canoes on top and cater for walkers, cyclists, and canoeists.

After we had been walking for a while we sat down to enjoy the view and Bramble decided to show her daddy some love.

Arty shot of an old piece of chain – I’m presuming it was for tying up boats.

Gorgeous daisies in a neglected garden beside the canal.

Bramble enjoying playing in the grass – Ken and her chase each other around and in between she tries to eat anything she can get in her mouth.

Looking down the canal from the lock gate.

Ken then chose a side road and we went for a drive up through the hills on a single track road enjoying the scenery. The houses were few and far between and it must be quite grim in winter. We came upon these great gate post creature at the bottom of a long drive – I think a mad professor probably lives there.

This lovely wooden carving of two hands was in the garden around a community hall.

We then spotted this very gorgeous kitty cat who was out on the prowl. After a chat he decided to come and grace us with his presence and was even gracious enough to let me cuddle him. Such a sweety.

That was our Saturday – I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time be good, stay safe, and say hello to the next animal you see.

Pamela & Ken

P.S: Final shot is of our Muffin Monster who is milking being sick for all it’s worth – here she is cuddling up to her daddy at night.

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