Vintage Cars at Brodie Castle

At the weekend we indulged one of Ken’s passions (after me) and went to a car festival which was being held in the grounds of Brodie Castle. We were actually quite surprised at how big it was and how busy – it was a gorgeous day weather wise and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

There are now going to be lots of pictures of cars which I know nothing about except that I thought they were pretty or quirky. I’ve enlisted the help of my beloved to put names to the cars for those that are interested.
Hillman Avenger Tiger
Marcos 3 Litre

Vintage buses – the red and green one is a Macbrayne’s bus which are the historic buses of the Highlands and Islands. Ken’s older brother David is involved with the Macbrayne Circle which is a group of enthusiasts who try and keep the buses alive.

Really lovely VW campervan that has been restored – the inside was immaculate with a really quaint round wooden table.

This weird looking thing is a Haflinger which originates from Austria, being named after a breed or horses that are small and muscular – this is a petite 4×4. It was produced between 1959 and 1975 and looks like it would make a great camping vehicle.

This trike was beautiful with an amazing paint job – I especially liked the skull on the back of the bike.

This was my favourite trike – it’s purple and was very cool looking. The front foot rests were crocodiles and the two seats looked very comfortable though very close to the ground.

More cars with what they are beneath them courtesy of my beloved who has an encyclopedic knowledge of cars.

Triumph GT6
Shockingly Ken hasn’t got a clue what this is – he’s muttering stuff about the engine but I’m ignoring that.
American car – the owner is obviously a Miami Dolphins fan

The girl inside this stag outfit must have been roasting as it was quite a warm day and there were several layers of material at her back.

Look, another beautiful purple trike with a matching trailer. This bike looks so comfortable that I think even I wouldn’t mind travelling around on this (as long as it wasn’t raining). Apart from loving purple the person who owns this bike is obviously a very patriotic Scot, as there are lots of Scottish emblems on the bike as well as excerpts from the Declaration of Arbroath. This is a letter that was written to the Pope in 1320 by the Scottish in support of King Robert Bruce and is still incredibly relevant today, especially for those who believe that Scotland should be an independant nation.

Bramble Jelly got to meet lots and lots of other dogs during the day. Probably the cutest was a four month old wire haired dachshund who was so tiny and too adorable for words. Here Bramble is meeting Dexter who is a very friendly German Shepherd and who kindly shared some water with her.

The expert thinks this is an MG 
Fiat Topolino – which translates as Little Mouse in Italian
Jaguar XK

Because of the sun this car looks pink but it was a really lovely pale lilac colour – I know what this one is without asking the expert, it’s a Morris Minor (being married to a vintage petrol head has obviously rubbed off).


I managed to get this picture of Bramble looking up as a very kind lady walking past stopped and waved her hand above my head to get her attention.

I love some of the mascots that you get on the really old cars and this one looked really good in the sun.

Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire mascot

You can’t see Ken’s expression but he was very pleased to finally find a Peugeot amongst all the cars – he’s a bit of an anorak when it comes to these and we’ve had quite a few old one’s over the years. This is a 403.

After the car show we drove along to Hopeman to have ice cream whilst enjoying the scenery.

The lovely beach huts which had a few people using them on such a nice day.

In the middle of the below picture are Ken and Bramble enjoying a walk along the rocks – Bramble still doesn’t really like getting wet so she was leaping across the rocks whenever there was a large pool of water. Rather than being a water spaniel like Bertie Boo was, she’s becoming a flying spaniel.

Look, the closest we’ve come to a good selfie with the baby girl. It took a couple of attempts but I think it’s pretty good family shot (minus the brats of course).

That’s it for today. Until next time, be good, stay safe, and we hope you’re having a really lovely week.

Pamela & Ken

P.S: Final shot of Muffin Monster looking skinnier but still contented.

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