Sunshine, cake, and a graveyard

A gorgeous day in the highlands so we went out for a drive with no fixed destination in mind apart from knowing there had to be cake. Of course we took Bramble with us – she’s the latest addition to our family and as you can see she’s just too cute for words. I think she may feature quite heavily in future blog posts.

We stopped in Carrbridge for cake, sitting outside in the glorious sunshine. Bramble was very good and attracted lots of attention from people walking past. We’re getting her used to sights and sounds out in the big world. Don’t worry, despite what it looks like she didn’t get any cake.

I love all the poppies that are in bloom now – these orange ones are stunning.

As we were driving aimlessly we came across this fabulous graveyard – how lucky was that? It is the graveyard for Clan Grant so that is the most common name on the headstones. The two large buildings in the below photo are mausoleums.

It’s a really lovely space which is obviously looked after, but not to the point that it’s too manicured – nature and time are still having an impact.

Beautiful Celtic cross.

It was quite a momentous occasion as it was Bramble’s first graveyard – look how tiny she is next to that headstone.

There were some really interesting designs on the headstones and thistles and Celtic motifs featured quite heavily.

This is what happens most of the time when I try to get a picture of Bramble – she has so much energy and rarely stops moving.

Loved this old gate – such a simple design but simply stunning.

Lots of the headstones are covered with a patchwork of moss which gives it a beautifully marbled look.

This grave really appealed to me (I know I’m weird) as it’s slowly sinking into the ground and has wildflowers growing around it.

Another motley headstone – gorgeous.

That’s it for our Saturday drive. Until next time, be good, stay safe, and eat cake.

Pamela and Ken

4 thoughts on “Sunshine, cake, and a graveyard

  1. It's definitely interesting to go out and explore and find old cemeteries. I don't always stop when I see them, but I try to when I see ones out there where it seems like nobody ever goes.


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