Final bits of our Tassie holiday

I’ve been very remiss and not finished off our Tassie holiday, so this post is a bit of a hodge podge of other things we did whilst there.

We went to the Devonport country show and were lucky to have a glorious day for it.

Our favourite bit of the show was the children’s area with lots of lovely animals to meet – this cockatoo was very friendly and did a dance with me.

The rabbits were very cute, forming a giant pile of fluff.

Ken wanted to take this puppy home – he had a nice long chat to him, but I’m not sure the puppy understood his mixed up Scottish accent.

In the competition tent there were lots of great exhibits of baking, vegetables, and flower arranging, but we like the children’s competition of people made out of veggies.

Whilst we were at the show Ken got to try a great Aussie tradition, the Dagwood Dog. His reaction to this, he’s never having one again – I think his problem was that he had his dry instead of dipped in tomato sauce like mine is.

Our next stop was the sheep shed where our friends Karen and Phillip were showing sheep. We got to see the fancy dress competition which was fabulous – children with their sheep dressed up to match.

On the way home we stopped in Penguin to say hello to the big penguin and to take a picture of the very beautiful church.

We did have a few really nice sunny days when home, and Ken had to do his impression of a lizard – soaking up the sun for our move to Scotland.

Whenever we go home we have to visit Fossil Bluff beach – I love it here and we even had some of our wedding photos taken there.

We had a lovely open house party for mum’s 80th birthday, and it gave me a chance to bake cupcakes and cover them in pink icing – the pink makes them taste much better. It was great to see so many relatives and friends in one place – so good to catch up when we don’t see each other for years.

I got to tick off another bucket list item during this holiday, and that was to see the Fairy Penguins, or as they’re now called, Little Penguins.  We went to Burnie and took part in a free Little Penguin observation tour – these are led by volunteers and are run every night during the breeding season.  It was so wonderful, first of all watching the chicks play whilst waiting for their parents, then seeing the parents make the trek from the sea up to the burrows, and then seeing them get ambushed by the very hungry babies. They are the smallest penguins in the world and very cute.

This mural shows how small they are next to other well known breeds.

We went to Launceston to meet up with our gorgeous niece Danika whom we hadn’t seen for years and on the way back we stopped at ETC (Elizabeth town cafe) for some very yummy cakes – we weren’t being greedy, mum was with us.

Here’s a picture of me and mum on her birthday after we’d been out for a family meal – no resemblance really?!

The next few shots are taken at Uncle Cliff and Aunty Joys – they have a very big and beautiful garden.

On the way back to Wynyard we stopped at Myalla so that I could take a picture of the friendship avenue – all the trees are dedicated to different people who lived in the community and one is for my brother Brian.

Finally, on one of our last days, I found a cat to molest – isn’t she beautiful. Very cuddly and talkative and very pregnant. I hate going too long without a cat fix, and yes, I will end up being a crazy cat lady.

We also got to get up close and personal with mum’s neighbour Frank who is a very handsome and colourful boy.

On our last evening walk Crumble outdid himself, trying to eat one of the cows near the post office (if you’re confused, you need to read our previous Tasmanian posts). I think the expression on the cows face shows how impressed they are.

The next picture is of my oldest brother Shane showing off just a few of his tattoos.

So that was our Tassie holiday, never long enough but real life must go on, and we have new adventures awaiting us.

Crumble waving goodbye to Wynyard
Ken enjoying a massage before our very long flight home

I almost forgot, we haven’t shown you our favourite whacky mail box, the beautiful pink pig – wins hands down.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a snapshot of what Tasmania has to offer, and you should definitely add it to your list of places to visit.

Until next time, stay safe, keep smiling, and eat a piece of cake.

Pamela and Ken

3 thoughts on “Final bits of our Tassie holiday

  1. Awesome photo share you two look like you had a great time. I loved the beach scene, those cupcakes look so yummy, did he bring the pup home?, cool mailbox lol, oh corn dogs my bf can eat those until he gets himself sick lol, and love the bunny up top with the two black spots way too cute.Have a wonderful day Pamela.


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