Beginning our highland life

We’re quickly settling into our new home in the highlands and getting used to wearing many more layers of clothes. We have started exploring and hope to bring you some exciting days out very soon.

We went for a drive to Burghead and spotted this lovely graveyard which I’m sure I’ll be clambering around in the future. It’s a lovely place and the waves were thundering in making it very atmospheric.

We then drove to Findhorn and had lunch in a very cosy pub – there was no mistaking that we were in a Scottish pub as there seemed to be hundreds of different whiskeys behind the bar.

The below picture is looking up the main street of Nairn – very pretty with the Christmas lights. So much nicer than where we used to live, as our local council didn’t do Christmas lights, they just did generic red and blue bulbs.

Our nearest bigger town is Inverness, and the shopping centre had beautiful lights up.

One of the things we’re still getting used to is not having people living above, below, or either side of us, as all our married life we’ve lived in flats. Living in a cottage is fantabulous and the cats love chasing each other up and down the stairs.

Ken and the brats

New year’s eve started out lovely with very calm waters in the Moray Firth – perfect for a long walk along the beach.

What you can’t tell by this picture is that it was pouring with rain when we went into Inverness for the evening – the river was running very fast.

So like a couple of old fuddy duddies we went home and watched hogmanay on the tv in front of a lovely warm fire.

New year’s day we were down at the beach again, but this time to watch some crazy people going for a swim – it was all for a good cause, raising money for CLIC Sargent which is the charity for children, teenagers, and young adults with cancer. We just cheered them on this year but who knows what we’ll get up to next year.

I’m another year older and my beloved took me out for a lovely meal at the Classroom – great food and atmosphere. The dessert we shared was very decadent but worth it, and then I topped everything off with a perfect Bailey’s coffee.

So that was a brief introduction to life in the highlands – more to come soon.

Until next time be good, stay safe, and have a happy and peaceful 2016.

Pamela and Ken

2 thoughts on “Beginning our highland life

  1. I'm reading the Hamish MacBeth mysteries now and falling in love with the Highlands, though I've never been there. The weather does seem to be more harsh than I would like. My ancestry is Celtic, and we believe the Wescott family originated in Scotland. I'd love to some day come over to explore my roots and see if I really do have Scottish blood. Yorkshire and Cornwall are also ancestral homes, and both are so beautiful. One day I'll make it there.


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