Goodbye to London, hello Scottish Highlands

After spending 18 years living on the edges of London, my beloved and I made the decision to leave the rat race behind and move to the beautiful (but cold) Scottish Highlands. Even though it’s definitely the right decision for us it still feels really weird to be leaving the familiar – change is always challenging but it’s also very exciting.

One of the things we had to do before we left was go into London one more time and see the Christmas lights. So here is a selection for you to enjoy.

Peter Jones store
Dark selfie
South Molton street

The next two pics are the window display in a very posh jewellery and accessories shop – I love the swans.

This mosaic was on the wall of an alley leading off the main street and commemorates Handel living and composing in this area.

More pretty street lights….

Below is one of the window displays at Selfridges – they were based on the signs of the horoscope.

I always love how Selfridges looks at Christmas – lit up in purple, my favourite colour, and lots of sparkly lights.

Now because of the logistics of choosing to move at Christmas time (what were we thinking) we had to do it in two stages. So Ken and the furbies, with all our worldly possessions drove up the week before Christmas, leaving me in London until the 23rd. Thankfully Ken’s oldest son Craig was able to help as I don’t know how we would have done it without him.

The brats ready for their big journey.

Β On one of my days by myself I went into Westfield for a wander and to enjoy the Christmas feel – I tried to ignore all the mad people going shopping – the queues in the shops were outrageous.

Loved the above window display, very groovy. Below is the quote inside my jam jar lid – a good philosophy to live by.

Here are a few shots to show you how pretty it was, as well as a shot of the ice rink.

Instead of shopping, I spoiled myself by getting a massage with the massage angels, and had a manicure – what else but bright pink.

I then went to the Village, which is the posh part of Westfield, and treated myself to a latte and smoked salmon blinis. It was very civilized and great for people watching as I was sat opposite an Agent Provocateur lingerie shop, which had a very interesting Christmas tree in the window.

Finally on the 23rd, after many tears when I said goodbye to my fabulous colleagues at Maggie’s West London, I boarded a plane to begin our new life in the land of Haggis and bagpipes.

Yet again I was reminded of how wonderful my beloved is, he had made the place we’re living into a beautiful home in just a few days (with lots of help from his lovely sister and family).

Our beautiful Christmas tree
Our gorgeous fireplace

Since we arrived the brats have taken to their new home very quickly and seem no worse for wear after their 13 hour car journey. One of their new little quirks is sleeping under our duvet during the day – and they tend to sleep in the same place each time. The bump near the top of the bed is Cookie and the bump at the bottom near the flowers is Muffin – we have to dehair the bed each night before we go to bed.

Christmas day we spent with Ken’s sister Jean and her family, and Ken’s brother David who had driven up from Largs – it was a lovely day.

Boxing day we went out for a walk in very bracing weather – perfect for a wander along the beach.

So that’s us now living in bonny Scotland – hope you have had a happy and peaceful Christmas and that 2016 will be a magical year for you and yours.

Until next time, stay safe, be happy, and make sure you take time each day to find something to be grateful for.

Pamela and Ken

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