Colourful but Cloudy Cromer

Earlier in the year my beloved took me away for a night in a lovely bed and breakfast just outside Cromer on the Norfolk coast. The bed was so comfy and very grand, and the breakfast was delicious.

Look at my gorgeous man sleeping like a baby.

Corner is on the north Norfolk coast and whilst there isn’t a lot in the town it does have a lovely long beach with a traditional English pier. It was a typically overcast misley (combination of misty and drizzly) English day when we visited but we still did some extreme beach combing. Unfortunately it’s not a good beach for sea glass so I came away empty handed.

There are a few colourful beach huts along the beach front, but the day we were there it definitely wasn’t the weather for sitting out on the promenade.

In the middle of the town is Cromer Parish Church with St Martin’s which has a beautiful churchyard with poppies and other wild flowers growing around the old tombstones which gives it a really special atmosphere.

Guess what we did on the way home – yes, we found a lovely place to stop for some sustenance. I loved the decor, it was very country kitchen.

We drove a bit further and came across a lovely old graveyard in Swanton Morley. One corner of the graveyard was dedicated to war graves which I always pay my respect to because no matter what you think of war a lot of these young men had no choice and gave their lives a long way from home (okay, rant over).

Typically I found a couple of fellow antipodeans – a kiwi and an Aussie.

The grave below is an Australian – interestingly Patrick Claude Nangle’s parents were from Hertfordshire, not far from where we live, and he was born in India. His death was accidental and on British soil.

Whilst we were wandering around these curious beasties came over to say hello – I had a lovely chat with them.

So that was our romantic short break in Norfolk – hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Until next time stay safe, be good, and have a chat with the next animal you meet.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Final shot is of Ken in his element – a Peugeot and a super car. Guess which one’s ours?

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