Patisserie, Parliament, and Protesters

One of my favourite things to do in London is afternoon tea at a nice hotel, so yesterday that’s what we did. What made it even better is that I had a voucher from Groupon which made it much cheaper.

The voucher entitled us to a glass of rose fizz each which meant two glasses for me as my beloved doesn’t drink.

Here’s a series of pictures showing the lovely sweet treats that came with the sandwiches and scones. I loved how everything was sprinkled with, in my mind, pink fairy dust.

When we left the hotel we went for a wander along the Thames towards the palace of Westminster (Houses of parliament). I love the bridges across the Thames, they have such character.

The below horses were in a children’s playground – I found them slightly disturbing and wanted to rescue them.

The below structure is in the gardens outside parliament – you might recognise it from tv as often when the political reporters do their bit you can see this in the background.

Parliament – we won’t go into any political comments as once I got started you wouldn’t be able to stop me.

The below statue is called the Burghers of Calais and is by Auguste Rodin and sits outside parliament.

If you look closely you’ll see that the building in the foreground has a lovely living roof.

The next few shots are of the palace of Westminster showing how beautiful the building is despite what goes on inside.

Yesterday there was a large protest by junior doctors about possible changes to their working conditions – by the time we got to parliament the crowds were dissipating but there were still quite a few gathered around Sir Winstons statue.

This was one of the protest signs that had been abandoned – I don’t think using this as a threat is going to work.

Selfie with parliament in the background.

View down the Thames.

The London Eye.

Fountain in front of St Thomas’s hospital.

Couple having their wedding photos taken with lots of tourists around.

Remnants of the protest in a bin – I think there’s a satirical comment in there somewhere.

The London Eye has flags of the rugby nations on the pods, so of course I had to wait for the Aussie one to come round.

Whilst I was taking pictures my beloved reluctantly held my bag for me – I thing it gives him a certain jaunty look.

The Southbank at night is always really colourful, with lots of coloured lights.

Before heading home on the tube we stopped for a coffee at a lovely French cafe.

Β Final shot is a pretty cow outside a restaurant.

So that was our day out in London – hope you enjoyed this brief visit.

Until next time be good, stay safe, and treat yourself to a nice big piece of cake.

Pamela and Ken

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