Enjoying nature’s beauty at Butterfly World

A great place to visit that’s not far from us is Butterfly World near St Albans – get a good sunny day and you’ll love it. There’s something for everyone with beautiful gardens, a butterfly house, insect centre, children’s area, and of course a cafe.

The wildflower meadow is so gorgeous and as you wander through it you can see the huge leaf cutter ant that overlooks the site.

In one area there are musical instruments made out of wooden and metal pipes. We had great fun attempting to make music – my beloved is playing the xylophone.

Lovely sea of daisies.

A mass of lilliums – imagine how fab they’ll look when they’re all in bloom, but also imagine how stinky they’ll be.

There are 18 little designer gardens to enjoy and I love this one which is rooms overgrown by nature.

The table below looks like it’s straight out of one of the Narnia books – imagine it with talking animals around it.

Ken took this shot of me whilst I was contemplating the garden.

This feature was meant to represent dinosaur eggs in a very large nest.

A big fat bumblebee enjoying the flowers.

These gardens all have sculptural elements which give added interest. I really like the clock garden and the one with the purple flowers.

Our arty shot – selfie reflected in a large silver ball. We took about 10 shots just for this one.

The butterfly house has 15 – 20 different species of butterflies and if you’re really lucky they may land on you.

The leaf cutter ants are fascinating to watch as they carry bits of plant so much bigger than themselves, up to 50 times their own body weight. They also walk huge distances with their bounty.

Educational sign for children which I found a little bit mind blowing – I so would not want to meet an ant the size of a baby mouse!! My beloved has a belief that one day ants are going to rise up and take over the world – personally I think it will be cats.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this visit to butterfly world – it’s well worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.

Until next time be good, stay safe, and do something that makes you smile.

Pamela and Ken

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