A Highland Fling

I recently had the chance to work at Maggie’s Highlands for a week which was lovely as we got to see our Scottish family in Nairn.

On our way to Gatwick airport via Victoria station we came across one of the DNA sculptures that are currently dotted around London. This one was designed by Chris and Xand van Tulleken – the sculpture trail is part of a Cancer Research UK project.

The below bags of loveliness were for sale in a restaurant we ate in at Gatwick airport – it was Comptoir Libanais which serves Lebanese food and was really good.

Whilst in the highlands we stayed in Nairn with our Scottish family – a lot of whom had four legs. Below is a picture of Ken’s youngest son Jamie with the rabbits Travis and Archie chilling out on the couch.

Despite it raining nearly all week, Ken and Jamie did get a chance to visit Pluscarden Abbey which is a medieval monastery with a community of Catholic Benedictine monks. The first monks came here in the 13th century.

The Abbey is such a peaceful place to visit and even better if you time it to hear the monks praising God through Gregorian chants. The graveyard is a very reflective space in the grounds.

The boys also made it into Inverness one day – picture looking over the city and the river Ness.

Our one night out was at the Bandstand restaurant which was lovely – it has a beautiful view of the Moray Fifth and the real bandstand. As you can see my beloved is a bit shorter than his “little” boy.

The bandstand was a gift to the people of Nairn by John Wallace who was from Nairn but died in Ballarat, Victoria.

One of the lovely quirky things we found in Nairn was the knitted decorations around the town – this knitted bunting adorned the public toilets.

The boys contemplating life and the horizon.

I took a picture of this house not just because it looks pretty, but because it has the same name as the greatest Aussie Rules team of all time (no comments about the last few years) Carlton.

Beautiful black cat that I stopped and had a conversation with – her Scottish accent wasn’t too difficult to understand.

This is the fabulous mosaic on the wall of the Little theatre in Nairn – it has so many bits to it and is a great design.

Now for the sad part of the blog – below is the very cute Hamish with me and Ken. We gave him lots of cuddles whilst we were there as he hadn’t been well for a while. On our last day in Scotland Hamish had died peacefully in his sleep – he’s running around in the great hamster playground over the rainbow bridge now.

Around Nairn there are some beautiful floral displays that really brighten the town up. I love the sculptural elements.

At the top of this street sign was a cuddly toy, and it wasn’t the only one we saw – yet more quirkiness.

Interesting company name.

Ken and his little sister Jean – gorgeous picture of both of them.

Paddy the lovely canine member of the family.

The boys.

Another family shot.

When back in London we parted ways with Jamie at Kings Cross station, but first we had a drink at Leon.

The funky interior of the station.

Rather fittingly to end with the DNA sculpture at Kings Cross – this one designed by Leyla Aliyeva.

So that was our week in the beautiful highlands. Until next time stay safe, be good, and say hello to the next animal you see.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Final shot is my picture from the NOH8 photo shoot which was held in London. NOH8 is a charity that promotes marriage, gender, and human equality which I feel strongly about so was glad to do something visible to support this. The Aussie flag is to show support for marriage equality in my home country.

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