Exploring Stratford Westfield

This weekend has definitely seen the weather take a turn back towards winter which is not at all to our liking. Yesterday started with a hail storm that went on for quite a while and turned the ground white.

Leftover hail in one of the outdoor pots

As the weather was so miserable all we did was venture out for a nice brunch in Rickmansworth.

I love the latte art they do at H & H

Today dawned cold but dry so we headed to Stratford to explore the Westfield there. It was very busy as it’s just opposite the Olympic park and there were events going on for Sport Relief. We’ll go back to explore the Olympic park when the site is fully open and maybe not so inundated with people.

Our first stop was a restaurant called the Real Greek for lunch and it was very scrummy. We loved the decor, a mixture of Greek with quite industrial lighting.

We ordered meze to share and took the waiters advice and ordered the octopus dish which was so good – it still had the suckers on it. They served the dishes on a tiered stand like at an afternoon tea which looked great.

Top to bottom – cous cous, pitta bread, grilled halloumi, and octopus

After our fab meal we headed off for a wander around the shops to do some serious window shopping. There are some lovely food courts – the usual type with all the fast food chains but we headed to the international corner with lots of cafes and mini restaurants. We even came across a New Zealand one.

Even though I was tempted to eat at my antipodean relative we were drawn in by the beautiful looking cakes at L’Orchidee (we were allowed cake as we didn’t have dessert at the restaurant).

Note how artistically arranged everything is – Ken should go into food styling

There were lots of food stalls, here’s just a couple that looked nice.

Indian sweets shop
Yummy looking gelato

Now while we’d been wandering around I’d had a really stinky headache that just wouldn’t go and I’d been thinking how nice it would be to have a massage when who should appear but the wonderful Massage AngelsΒ – if you’re ever in either Westfield make sure you stop by. Faith was an angel who really worked on my shoulders and head and it’s really helped with my pain – she did comment that it was like massaging a rock. Ken had a massage as well and was very impressed.

I feel very spoiled as Β whilst wandering my lovely husband treated me by buying me a bottle of one of my favourite perfumes – Givenchy Very Irresistible.

I know I take odd photos sometimes but I couldn’t resist taking this picture – we came across some very interesting looking soup packets.

We both were looking at glasses frames as we’re both thinking of changing our current ones – now I don’t know about you but I think this pair should be the ones that Ken gets.

It was a really nice day out with my beloved, people watching and sampling lovely food.

Until next time, stay safe, keep smiling, and take care of each other.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Attempt at a selfie on the tube on the way home.

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