The BFG in Great Missenden

Hooray, the sun is back!! Everything seems better when the sun is smiling and gives us the chance to go out exploring.

We started today at Rickmansworth Aquadrome, having brunch and going for a wander. I’m having a meat free week so enjoyed a lovely vegetarian fry up whilst my beloved ate a sausage sandwich – he had been doing the meat free thing with me but gave in last night when we went out for a curry and I suspect it’s downhill from now.

The area around the Aquadrome is great for walking and there were lots of dogs around – the cutey below was being so good and we could see why his 4 brothers were attached to his lead.

Here’s a few shots from our walk, including Ken going off road.

After this we went to Great Missenden which is a really pretty village where Roald Dahl lived. We went to the museum which celebrates his writing – as you can probably guess we were a little out of place as it was overrun by kidlets.

I’m the same height as Mrs Twit (please excuse my hair as it’s a bit wild)

It’s a really interesting place to visit and after the museum we walked up to the church to visit Roald’s grave. The BFG (Big Friendly Giant for those of you who aren’t familiar with Roald Dahl characters) has even walked past the grave and left his footprints.

Here’s a few shots from inside the church and a picture of Roald’s stepdaughter’s grave which has a monkey on it.

As I mentioned the village is very cute with lovely old buildings – lots of good doors, I could have taken photos of all of them. Here’s just a selection.

Now I’m sure anyone who has read our blog will be thinking we’ve gone an awfully long time without cake, and yes we were going into withdrawals. We went back to the museum to the cafe twit and had very scrumdillyicious cake.

It was a fantastic day of fun out in the sun and hoping for many more now that the sun has got her hat on.

Until next time be good, stay safe, and do something nice for the planet.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Final picture which my family and friends will understand the significance of.

2 thoughts on “The BFG in Great Missenden

  1. I work at Scholastic Inc. a children's publisher. We have a blog called, \”\”. We feature a book and author every week. Next week's post will be about author Roald Dahl. My editor has found an image of your BFG footprint by Dahl's grave and we would like to use it for the post. May we have permission? We will gladly credit your image. Please contact me at for any additional questions.Thank you for your help.Best regards,Emily Teresa


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