Westerham – historic Kent village

After our lovely visit to Chartwell House we stopped in the village of Westerham which is mentioned in the Domesday book of 1086. It’s got some great old buildings and a wonderful church.

On the green is a great statue of Sir Winston Churchill overseeing all that pass before him.

Facing the green are several cottages that have wonky roofs, lots of windows, and lovely doors. I’d love to see what they’re like inside and also see if they have much of a back garden.

There is a fantastic old church, St Mary’s, and a wonderful graveyard with it. Parts of St Mary’s dates from the 1100’s and has beautiful architecture and stained glass windows.

It’s quite a large church with lots of memorials dating back hundreds of years. I took a picture of the cross below that was hanging on the pulpit – it’s cross stitch and is very good.

The staircase leading up to the bell tower is quite rare in that it spirals the wrong way – it dates from the 1300’s.

As usual Ken spotted some great gargoyles both inside and outside.

The graveyard is bigger than we first thought, and is still very much in use. It has a lovely feel to it, with the old mixed with the new, flowers growing amongst the headstones, and locals using it as a thoroughfare.

It was a nice interlude before the journey home – we were treated to a glorious sunset which I tried to get a shot of out the front window.

Until next time, have a fabulous week and remember to appreciate all the little things.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Final picture is of my worry creature, that I bought in Wynyard last year, enjoying the sun. (Just a reminder of how silly we can be).

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