Winston Churchill’s Home

What a glorious day today was – sunshine and clear blue skies. To enjoy it we headed for Kent and Chartwell House where the Churchill family lived. It’s managed by the National Trust now and is only an hour away from us.

Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures in the house but I took loads outside for you. The interior is lovely and it was amazing touching things and thinking about who had been there before – not just the Churchill family but lots of world famous people.

The grounds around the house are quite extensive with lots of walled gardens – they’ll be really stunning when the roses and other flowers are out. In the corner of the gardens is a mini cottage that Sir Winston built for his daughter Mary.

Whilst there we were on the lookout for Jock VI the new ginger cat with four white socks. Winston had a cat called Jock, ginger with white socks, and ever since there has been a cat called Jock with the same colouring. We didn’t find Jock – one of the volunteers told us he’s still a bit timid as he’s quite new. We did however find a lovely black cat who was a bit aloof, letting us pat her as she swept past us trying to escape with some dignity from the three horrors (children) that were chasing her.

We found the pet cemetery where the original Jock is buried – there was also a Rufus, and Rufus the second (obviously fans of repeating names).

There were quite a few people who had brought picnics with them which we will do next time, along with bringing Bertie Boo, as dogs are allowed in the grounds. It’s such a beautiful space.

I found some fellow Australians to talk to but they didn’t seem very keen to speak to me. In fact every time I tried to get close I thought I was going to get attacked. I think they’ve been in the UK too long.

I was obviously talking about the gorgeous black swan – it’s mate was sat on a nest in the middle of the pond.

There were two lovely little fish ponds where Winston used to sit, I can imagine without all the tourists that it is very peaceful.

We’re always amazed at how people feel the need to throw coins into water – if you look closely at the bottom of the above picture – the large silver coin is an Australian 20 cent piece.

Now a few more shots from around the grounds for you to enjoy.

Bug hotel

Herb garden

We of course took time for coffee and cake, sitting outside to make the most of the weather.

That’s it for now – part two tomorrow showing the lovely village we stopped in for a mooch (and I warn you, there is a graveyard). Would recommend Chartwell House if you’re ever in the region.

Until tomorrow, be good, stay safe, and enjoy life.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Final picture, Ken helping the brats decide what toys they want to play with.

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