Finding happiness in the small things

A lovely day off and the sun shone – how glorious, so it was a great chance to get out with my beloved. We headed off for dog walking and I got to meet Marv, or as I have renamed him, mental Marv. When you meet him he looks all sweetness and light, but if he sees another dog he turns into the incredible hulk (minus the green). It is a sight to behold – Ken ended up picking him up to try and calm him down.

Such a small dog that makes a big noise

During our walk we passed some lovely buildings including this lovely church and a great ceramic mural on the wall of a school building – it has a line from the song ‘Jesus loves the little children’ around the edge.

After Marv we went and walked Ori along the canal which always looks better in the sunlight. There’s a good selection of boats along the canal including a beautiful pink one.

Pretty pink boat
Boat with car on board – we’re not sure why?

After this walk Ken dropped me off in Rickmansworth so I headed to one of our favourite coffee places, Harris and Hoole. It’s a nice place to sit for a while and relax with a really nice latte – I even had a young man flirting with me (he was only one year old but I’m still counting it).

One of my reasons for going to Ricky was that I wanted to send a get well card to a special young man in America who’s name is Russell. He is a cat that was severely burnt in a house fire and is being cared for by a lovely vet service, so we thought we would send him a get well card (it was just me – my beloved thinks I’m slightly nuts). If you’re on Facebook and want to read about Russell’s journey then follow this link:Β

Russell’s card

So that was our day of simple pleasures – a bit of exercise (2.8 miles), time spent communing with animals, and a lovely latte.

Until next time make sure you enjoy life and take the time to appreciate the little things.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Guess who’s nose?

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