Rubbing shoulders with the posh people.

Tonight we went to an art exhibition in Mayfair (expensive property on the monopoly board). It was the opening night of a new show by John Lowrie Morrison who is an artist from the same area of Scotland as my beloved. The art gallery is in a street opposite the Ritz and they had two burley bouncers on the door who had to check our names against their list before we were let in – I felt right posh.

The paintings are stunning and really show the West Coast of Scotland as the beautiful place it is. We would love one of John’s paintings but would need to win the lottery first.

Ken admiring the paintings

It’s so civilised to walk around looking at stunning works of art with waiting staff offering glasses of champagne in a lovely gallery.

Lovely chandelier

I did have quite a long chat to a rather eccentric older lady who attended – I think I did a very good job of convincing her that the reason we weren’t buying a painting was that we didn’t have a big enough room for the one we really liked (I can blag it with the best of them).

Unfortunately the artist, John, was unable to make the opening – it would have been nice to have a chat with him like we have once before – John actually taught Ken’s sister art at high school.

I think this next picture was one of my favourites of the exhibition – what a shame it was already sold!

So that was our lovely evening in the posh part of London. Until next time, stay safe, be happy, and do something nice for a stranger.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Final shot of the groovy sink in the bathroom.

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