The delights of Borough Market

Yesterday we went into London for a mooch around Borough Market which is one of the oldest food markets in London, established in the 1700’s but there have been food traders in the area since the 11th century. If you’re ever in London it’s a great place to visit – get off at London Bridge station.

It’s one of our favourite places to go as the sights and smells are amazing – it’s also really good for people watching. The section of the market which sells hot food was really busy with lots of queues but the rest was okay. There are always tourists taking pictures so I blended right in.

As you can see there were lots of stalls selling sweet treats so of course we had to sample some – well it would be rude not to. I went for a lamington (a little taste of home) and Ken had a blueberry tart.

Whilst we were eating this very trendy man was standing nearby, very much a dude!

We then went into the part of the market which sells meat, veg, fruit, cheese, basically everything the locals might need.

Meat (with hooves still attached)

Fish selection
Fruit and veg

Ken stopped at a stall selling Darjeeling tea, tasting different types and getting a history lesson about the tea and it’s benefits. He also heard all about the part of India where the tea is grown. As Darjeeling tea is one of his favourites he ended up buying two bags of loose leaf tea.

While Ken was getting his history lesson I stopped at a stall called De Calabria, which sold various products from the Calabrian area of Italy. Among these was honey which the stall holder gave me a taste of and it was amazing – it had the comb in it which took me right back to my childhood in Tasmania as my grandad used to give me bits of honeycomb to chew on. I was going to buy a jar anyway but then I got my own lesson about where the honey was from and I even got to see a picture of the man who makes the honey posing with his bees. To quote the stall holder, he loves his bees like cats!

My honey man with his stall

A few more shots from around the market, giant pans of lovely food, crocodile burgers, and part of a Citroen on the wall of a French stall (guess who made me take that picture).

When we walked out of the market we got a great view of the Shard towering over the older buildings.

Our next stop was Waterloo and the restaurant Wahaca – we’d been to the one at Southbank before. It’s Mexican street food and is delicious. Ken had fish tacos and I had a scrummy sweet potato taquito followed by decadent churros with chocolate sauce – yummo!

Gorgeous man

It’s a really funky space and the staff are all really good. I especially liked the signs for the toilets (yes I know I’m a bit obsessed) as they are very Mexican.

So that was our latest fun day out – so nice that the sun was shining. Until next time, be good, stay happy, and think about where your food comes from.

Pamela and Ken

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