Valentine’s Day

Today is that day that some people dread, some people love, and some people go totally over the top. Supposedly the most romantic day of the year it has become very commercialized and often puts too much pressure on couples to do something amazing (and expensive) for each other.

Valentine’s day has mixed origins, yes there was a Christian saint Valentine who was a martyr but there was also an ancient Roman festival called the feast of Lupercalia which has been linked to our modern day celebration.

Whatever the background we like to use it as a day to spoil each other in an inexpensive and often silly way – you would probably guess that if you’ve read many of our posts.

I am very lucky to spend my life with a wonderfully crazy and lovely man who gets me – that’s the really important bit.

Lovely man

Earlier this week I gave Ken some medication to take daily to help him through the miserable weather, you could say they were happy pills. Before you panic and think I’m drugging my husband, the pills were chocolates along with a little note to tell him how much he means to me – he had instructions to open one each day.

I got the idea from a great website, – do check it out if you want lots of fun ways to celebrate your love.

I always tell Ken not to spend money on me for Valentine’s day as I don’t want him to be pressured by all the hype. But as always he gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers and he also got me a mini bottle of champagne, some champagne truffles, and a pill box (I think there’s a theme here).

Now last year I made my beloved a chocolate bouquet so this year there had to be something equally as silly and chocolatey as my man has a mega sweet tooth. What could I do?? – a chocolate letter!

If you can read it you’ll see that some of the words have been replaced by appropriate sweets – inexpensive but heartfelt.

I forgot to mention that when he gave me my gifts my beloved then proceeded to scatter rose petals over me – he’s just too gorgeous for words. Here’s a picture of where I was sitting.

It was a lovely Valentine’s day – but the most important thing to remember is not to keep these things to just one day of the year, be romantic as often as you can.

So until next time, stay safe, be happy, and smile at the next person you see.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Final pictures are of Bertie Boo in the cone of shame – so cute.

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