Wonderful Windsor

Today we went to Windsor – the home of the royal family and lots of tourists. It’s a beautiful place to visit as it has so much history and character. It’s a little bit challenging as you arrive as the signs for parking aren’t the clearest (or maybe it’s just us) and we totally missed the Park and ride so ended up in the town centre. The first car park we went into was ยฃ8 for up to 3 hours which we thought was a wee bit steep, so after trying to get out the wrong way we finally found a cheaper place just out of the centre.

Windsor castle towers over the town and is well worth a visit if you’ve never been – we’ve been through it a couple of times in the past. Parts of it are covered with scaffolding at present, we presume for renovations.

We always like reading blue plaques when we see them as they can tell you really interesting things about the area you’re visiting. One of the plaques we saw today was commemorating the Windsor Martyrs.

These were men who went against the Catholic church as protestants and were burnt at the stake for their troubles – the plaque is not far from the spot where they were martyred.

Around the town were lots of buskers, even a guy playing drums on old plastic barrels and saucepans. Two that we really liked listening to were a saxophonist and a guitarist.

Windsor has lots of old and funky buildings to admire as you walk around – cute and wonky next to grand and awe inspiring.

Just over the Thames is Eton where a lots of the royals went to school – it’s beautiful.

We of course stopped for coffee (no cake) and then we had lunch at a lovely Thai restaurant with fantastic food and lovely staff.

Doesn’t he look dapper

One great shop we found was for cats and dogs – inside was a treasure trove of treats for our furry friends so of course we had to buy some treats for our furbies.

Here are a few more shots taken around Windsor and Eton.

Ken debating which outfit would suit him the best

Ken’s dream vehicle

Groovy wine bottle holder

The next photo is for my bike loving big brother – two lovely Harley Davidson’s. We admired them as we walked up the street, not noticing that they were silly enough to park in a loading bay – on the way back we admired the nice yellow parking tickets they both had stuck to them.

Now before anyone thinks I didn’t manage to find a graveyard, of course we did. It was the Saint John the Baptist church which we had a look around – they’ve got their very own last supper painting.

So that was our visit to Royal Windsor – if you’re ever in the area make sure you go. Until next time, be happy, stay safe and be kind to yourself.

P.S: Final picture is of the footpath in the churchyard – notice the shaped edge, it’s made out of old headstones!

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