Christmas day

Christmas day has been and gone – Santa is having a deserved rest and the reindeer are having an extra helping of moss for a job well done.
We had a quiet day with our lovely furbies who make our lives a constant day of fun. Bertie wasn’t phased by the excitement and spent most of the day asleep as most old men do, especially after lunch.

The cats were the exact opposite – trying to get into everything. Muffin is looking under the tree for her present.

Once we started opening our presents from Santa the two brats wanted to help us just in case we missed one of theirs.

Β One of my gifts from Santa was a lucky black cat – can you see the similarities between the lucky one and the curvy one?

Poor old Bertie, he was trying to sleep amongst the wrapping paper but if he so much as twitched the brats would pounce – it wasn’t long til he retreated to the safety of his chair.

Another great present from Santa was a pair of gloves that are compatible with smart phones – means I can keep my gloves on at the bus stop – very lovely colour, just me.

We were very blessed with some lovely presents from family and friends, and just wanted to share a couple with you. Firstly is the beautiful quilt my mum made for us – the picture doesn’t do it justice, as the colours are really bright.

Secondly, a beautiful fleecey poncho from Jean & Brian (the outlaws in Scotland) – it’s so warm and lovely. (Sorry the picture isn’t the best, I forgot about the window).

One of our Christmas traditions is that Ken does lunch – it’s very nice having my beloved sorting the food out whilst I watch dodgy Christmas tv.

We had a perfectly lovely peaceful day and we hope yours was as you would want it to be.
Thank you to Santa for being so good to us, and thank you to my beloved for a fantastic meal. Until next time, be good, enjoy life, and take care of each other.
Pamela and Ken
P.S: Final picture of Bertie, still asleep at the end of the day with his party hat on.

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