A Winter Wonderland

Today was a beautiful crisp winter’s day, just the type that is perfect for a walk in the fresh air so we went to Wisley gardens. No matter how many times we go there we always see things that we’ve never noticed before – I love it there (apart from the fact that lots of families had the same idea so there were lots of screaming kiddies).

Dotted all around the gardens are sculptures and statues – depending on the season is how well you see these due to plant foliage so winter is quite a good time for spotting new creations.

Birds having a natter on a wall
Not sure what this is meant to be – maybe a glass cactus?
Eros or Cupid?
What was really nice around the gardens was the Christmas decorations – all it needed was a dusting of snow to make it even more magical.

The bauble above was really big with fairy lights which reflected in the pond – lovely

My beloved looking particularly gorgeous under some tinsel and baubles in the tree.

In one of the ponds in the glass house they had what looked like huge woks full of plants which is a really good idea and looked really nice.

My favourite area in the glass house is where the cacti are – they’re fabulous and I wish I had room for some really big ones like these.

When we were in the glass house we sat down near the waterfall for a bit of a snuggle, as we do. Ken told me I had to close my eyes and imagine we were somewhere exotic – when I said it was hard to do with the noise of screaming kiddies my beloved told me I was mistaken, what I could actually hear was chattering monkeys and screeching parrots. So with that image in my head I rested against my favourite shoulder pillow and in my head we went to Borneo.

In the warmth of the glass house were lots of unusual plants, including chillies and mandarins or satsumas (I’m not sure which).

We didn’t want to leave the glass house as it was so warm inside, but leave we did as there was so much more to see. Now I wanted to take a picture that would show how cold it was but I’m not sure if you can see what I wanted in the picture below – the water is full of ice.

Since we last visited these gates have been put in to commemorate 100 years of the Chelsea Flower Show – the metal plants are really lovely.

In one of the small greenhouses there were lots of chillies hanging up to dry – they’d make beautiful natural Christmas garlands.

The buildings in the gardens are lovely old ones which are now used for offices – I hope that the people who are lucky enough to work there appreciate the beauty around them, both man-made and natures creations.

By the time we went to leave it was starting to get dark which made all the fairy lights show up and is really keeping the magic of Christmas alive.

It was a great day out, these gardens always help restore my soul a bit as it’s so nice to be surrounded by nature whatever the season – in fact whenever we go nature’s magic always has something new to show.
Until next time, stay safe, enjoy life, and take a walk to appreciate nature.
Pamela and Ken
P.S: The Wisley Christmas tree.

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