Twas the madness before Christmas…

Today we went to Westfield London – no, we’re not crazy, I wanted to see the Christmas decorations – we weren’t one of the many frazzled looking people who still aren’t ready for the big day. I don’t think they’re going to find the spirit of Christmas among the shops!

On the way into London I noticed a great pair of shoes on another commuter, though I’m not sure how she can walk in them.

When we arrived at the shopping centre I was a little disappointed as we couldn’t see very many lights, but then when we got into the main part the magic appeared.

It was so beautiful – what you can’t see in the picture is that the lights were twinkling.

Now before we could have a proper look round we needed to make sure that we had enough energy for the day, so that meant coffee and cake- any excuse. The place we chose was called the Chocolate Cafe – here you can see the delights we had to eat, mine is the cute little snowman cupcake.

In the middle of the shops was an ice skating rink, with a live band entertaining the skaters.  It was lovely watching the fun and the falls.

I love wandering around and looking at all the lovely window displays especially in the posh shops.

Outside the centre was a Santa’s grotto but unfortunately Santa is sold out!! So I didn’t get a chance to sit on Santa’s knee and tell him what I want for Christmas. In case you were wondering, I would like a teleporter (like on Star Trek) so that I could see all my favourite people at Christmas time.

There was a gelato bar in between the shops and I really loved the seats they had for their customers. They’re the back ends of scooters.

There is a part of the centre that is dedicated to the posh designer shops and it feels really opulent – beautiful chandeliers overhead.

All of these shops have lots of security staff and probably none more so than Tiffany’s – the jewellery shop famous for its little blue boxes.

My beloved treated me to a glass of champagne at the champagne bar in the posh area – do you think we look posh enough?

When we headed home we shared the tube with this very gorgeous puppy dog – such a cutey and very friendly.

It was a lovely day out people watching and window shopping – the best sort of shopping.

Now as this is my last post before Christmas we want to wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas spent with people you love – don’t eat to much, I hope Santa is good to you, and take time to remember the real meaning of Christmas.

Pamela and Ken

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