The spirit of Christmas past

Today’s day of fun was to visit the national trust property Hughenden Manor to see it ready for Christmas.

Now before I say anything else, here is a picture for you to guess what it is…….

 Hmmmm, I wonder what it is??

The house was once the home of Benjamin Disraeli – a former UK prime minister.  He became PM in 1868. The house is set up to show what it would have looked like during it’s two main uses – first as Disraeli’s home and then as a base for the RAF during the second world war for mapping the enemy.

In one of the rooms there was a musical group playing Christmas carols which we could hear throughout the house – you couldn’t help but get in the Christmas spirit.

The gardens are really lovely but as it’s winter they’re a little bare – they did have fairy lights in lots of the bushes and trees which added to the magic.

A room is set up with costumes for children to dress up in, and as there were hats I had to put them on my long suffering beloved – I think he would have fitted into the 1800’s perfectly (and yes, we were the only adults taking part).

The basement level is set up to show what it was like for the RAF in the 1940’s – the room below is recreating the living room of one of the families that lived there, that of one of the senior ranking officers.

Ken made me pose behind the bars – he felt it was appropriate with my convict ancestors.

Whereas I think he should be banged up after what he did to this innocent mannequin!!

The main dining room was decorated beautifully with Queen Victoria overseeing all the proceedings – very fancy.

Outside there was a trail for the kiddies with things they had to find – for example on their form it told them that Santa had dropped presents out of his sleigh and they had to count how many – the presents were up in the trees so they had to be very observant. I was wishing that we’d picked up a form as it looked like great fun.

This is a shot from the bottom of the garden looking back at the house.

Of course we stopped for a hot drink and cake – you know it’s a compulsory part of any of our days out. I think Ken got the biggest slice of Apple pie he possibly could.

Now back to that first picture – what do you think it is??? Well if you said a toasted marshmallow then you win a gold star. In the gardens they were toasting chestnuts and you could toast your own marshmallow over an open fire – I love them.

It was a lovely day out – enjoying a simpler experience of Christmas but one that feels like it has more meaning in it.

Until next time, stay safe, look after each other, and listen to some Christmas carols.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: When we got home Cookie warmed my legs up for me – she’s so pretty.

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