London dressed up for Christmas

Last night my beloved and I went into London to see the Christmas lights – it was really worth the late night as they were beautiful. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but I am a bit of a Christmas fanatic – I love the decorations, the atmosphere, and the spirit of good will towards all.

We got off at Bond Street station and were instantly transported into the mayhem that is Oxford street – even though it was after 8pm it was still busy.

From our start point we wandered down South Molton street and I have to say that we were not disappointed by the display. This street is quite posh with lots of exclusive little shops so it was only right that they had the classiest lights, and it was really nice to be able to walk through them.

We weren’t the only ones taking pictures of the lights, there were lots of people, of all nationalities and with every sort of camera you could imagine. It was lovely sharing the excitement with total strangers, though maybe at this time of the year we’re not strangers, just people who haven’t been introduced yet.

The other thing that the shops in London do well is fantastic window displays – see pictured below.

The next one shows a giant present box that a mouse has nibbled through – very cute.

As we meandered our way towards Regent Street we passed lots of alleyways and shop fronts that had really made an effort and made everything look magical.

Now the next photo was taken just for my beloved – apparently it’s an Alpha Romeo Spyder (I’m sure the petrol heads amongst you will understand).

We reached Regent Street and yes I have stood in the middle of the road to take this picture. The lights are themed on the 12 days of Christmas song and traditional Christmases past.

One of the most popular shops in Regent Street is Hamleys – it’s a toy store that kids of all ages enjoy. It was founded in 1760 in Holborn, with the branch in Regent Street opening in 1881. The window displays all move and I’m sure I was acting more like a child than most of the children that go by.

Carnaby Street was very understated on the light front, but had gone a bit mad with robins instead.

Random building with pretty waterfall lights.

The last part of our walk was back along Oxford Street past the big department stores who always look beautiful, the three main ones being John Lewis, House of Fraser, and Selfridges.

The next four photos show part of the window display in House of Fraser – all the animals are made out of household objects – so ingenious. My favourite is the penguins on their little ice flow.

Some more shop fronts for you to enjoy – I should have said at the start that I hope you’re listening to Christmas music whilst you read this, then you can really get in the Christmas mood.

I’ve left Selfridges til last as I personally think it’s the prettiest. Every window had a different winter wonderland scene incorporating a giant version of something they sell – the shadow in front of the first window is Ken so you can see the proportions.

The other reason I love Selfridges is that the store front is lit up in purple – my favourite colour.

The best and worst things about the evening were both because we were in town quite late. The best – the street’s were so much calmer than normal which meant we could stop and look at decorations properly. The worst – the homeless people were bedding down for the night in doorways, including a lady who looked about 70, which is a tragedy that we should all be ashamed of. I just want to wrap them all up and give them somewhere warm to sleep.
It really brings home the importance of family, not just the one we were born into but also the one we create for ourselves with the friends we have – I consider myself very lucky as I have ‘family’ all over the world.

Until my next Christmas themed post, stay safe, be happy, and donate something to charity – it’s a good time of year to send clothes to your local charity shop.

Pamela and Ken

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