Cliveden in the sun

On Sunday two weeks ago we took advantage of the glorious sunshine and headed to the National Trust property Cliveden, which we love.  It used to be home to the Astors and some of the Profumo affair took part on the property.  There’s a really beautiful landscaped garden, great stately house (which I’ve been lucky enough to be taken to lunch at by my beloved for a previous birthday) and you can walk down to the Thames and take a boat ride.  We’d never done the boat ride before so thought it was a perfect day for it.
Below are some scenes taken from the boat as we enjoyed the trip and listened to interesting factoids told to us by the captain and guide.

This cottage was used in the Profumo affair, and can now be hired to stay in along with your own personal butler.

After the boat ride, I was very pathetic and didn’t think I could face the climb back up the steps from the river bank – it’s quite a trek so we decided to hitch a ride on the little mobility bus which is there for people a little bit less able than us.  Don’t panic, we didn’t take anyone’s seat – he was leaving to go back up with two empty seats, so we quickly took advantage of it.

Us on the mobility bus.  

Mobility bus – we sat right at the back facing out.

Now for some lovely pictures from around the grounds of the house – below the shell fountain.

Very picturesque garden which they plant up with different plants throughout the year to keep the colours going.

Now the following two pictures are for all those people who think that I’m obsessed with graveyards – in the grounds is a pet cemetery from a very long time ago – it’s very overgrown, but Ken and I like trying to work out what sort of pet the animal is by its name and how long it lived.  Some do say the species, especially the horse ones, but some are just down right confusing.

Headstones amongst the grass.

This is the confusing one – Pussy, a dear pug!  Last time I looked, a pug is a dog.

If you look closely under the leaves, you will see a mother duck hiding from the sun with her babies.

Hope you enjoyed this look around one of our favourite national trust properties – it’s very nice no matter what the season as there’s always something to look at.
I’m very behind with my blogs, so hopefully will catch up over the next few days, so look out for Cornbury Festival, and Peace in the Park.
Until then, be good, enjoy life, and look after each other.
Pamela & Ken
P.S: Final photo of the house at Cliveden

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