Greenwich Adventures

We are back from our hols in the beautiful land down under, and despite still waking up at silly hours, we headed out on Sunday for a day of fun. We didn’t have a plan apart from wanting to end up at Greenwich Market.

Our first stop was at North Greenwich for the O2 (formally known as the Millennium Dome). If you look closely at the picture below you can see people walking over the Dome – not quite as daunting as Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The next few piccies are taken inside the Dome – there are lots of restaurants, a cinema, and the concert/exhibition area.

Check out my bike

Now before I go any further I must mention my gorgeous boots which I got this week. They are truly a thing of beauty.

After our mooch around the O2 we went to the cable car across the Thames which was built last year. The views from the top are amazing and well worth the ride. Here are just a few that show this fab experience.

Aw – how cute

The O2 from above

I was very impressed with my beloved going on the cable car as he has a slight tendency to be scared of heights, but he was fine.

We got on the Docklands Light Railway back towards Greenwich, but after just one stop ย we got back off as we saw the below creation from the train. It’s made of scraps of wood by a very creative person.

We eventually made it to Greenwich, and these interesting people were wandering the streets – great hair don’t you think?

The market isn’t very big but it’s still really nice to look around as there are some quite eclectic stalls. Here are a few pics from the market, including some food stalls.

After a bit of a mooch we had lunch in a yummy Mexican restaurant, just across the road from the market. On the way we found this lovely crown on a wall that Ken wanted to get in his size – I think he looks very dapper.

Yummy food
A new friend that my beloved adopted for me – he’s made out of socks
Malibu creamy cocktail – too nice

It was a really fun day out, and Ken amused himself by bothering a total stranger. There was a woman sitting in a cafe with one of those disposable rain ponchos on, so Ken took it upon himself to bang on the window and yell, take it off. He’s either traumatised her for life, or he possibly made her day having a gorgeous (in my opinion) man wanting her to take her clothes off.

Strange man who accosts women in rain ponchos

ย That’s it for today – apologies that it’s a bit long. Make sure you have a fun week, keep smiling, stay safe, and eat cake.

Pamela & Ken

P.S: Final two pics are of my furbies enjoying their catnip mice that we got them at the market.

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