Orchids at Wisley

One of our days out over the Easter break was back to the gardens at Wisley to see if the spring blossoms were out yet – the answer is no, they’re still rugged up against the cold.  Did I mention that it’s still freezing here – it’s meant to be spring!!  On the plus side there was an orchid exhibition on, so we enjoyed that instead.

Anyway, here are some lovely photos for you to look at, including some with me in them as a comment had been made that I’m always on the wrong side of the camera – that’s because Ken has trouble using my phone to take pictures, but as you can see he’s getting the hang of it.

 Hopefully you can get a feeling for how cold it is by my outfit.
Metal creatures in the garden.

Another silly hat photo, but this time it’s my hat on my beloved.

The huge glass house at Wisley – this is where the butterflies were last visit and where the orchids were this time.

Ken molesting some poor girl – it was quite funny really, as we both thought she was attached to the wall and when he lent on her she nearly fell off the wall – he had to make a grab for her.

Awww – that’s a nice photo.

I’m now going to introduce you to two gorgeous dogs that we met when we were out.  The first is Miles, and he is a puppy in training to be a Guide dog – his foster mother took him to Wisley so that he could get used to lots of people around, and become more socialised.  We had a nice little chat and he even shook my hand.

Next is a lovely lady called Pippa.  Pippa only has three legs, having lost one to bone cancer three years ago – she’s adapted very well and it doesn’t seem to bother her.  Her daddy gave us some treats to give her and while Ken and him talked dogs, me and Pippa had a nice conversation.

Okay, that’s it for now – but wait I hear you cry, where are the pictures of the orchids???  Well, I thought I would finish the blog and then put the pictures for those of you that are interested (namely Aunty L).

So be good, be kind to each other, and hug an animal.

Pamela & Ken

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