Not quite a perfect day off…

Today was one of those days that help recharge your batteries and prepare you to face the world again.  It started with breakfast at Cinnamon Square in Rickmansworth (it’s a fab cafe/bakery and the food is great).  Breakfast with my beloved and it’s cooked by someone else – what more could you ask for.


 I then went to the Rain Spa to have a rejuvenating and uplifting facial – OMG it was amazing!!!  1 hour and 15 minutes of pure bliss which was not only a facial but also a head, neck and shoulder massage – at several points I heard myself snore as I started to drift off which I’m sure highly amused the therapist.

The therapy room with lovely fire

 Next was a trip to Watford to have a mooch round the shops while Ken walked dogs, and then we met for lovely afternoon tea in the  Christian Bookshop which we both love as it’s quiet and they always have really good music on.

Ken with hot chocolate and snickers slice


My Oreo Frappe and coconut/raspberry slice

After we had finished our (little) snack we went into the RSPCA charity shop and look what I discovered sitting on the counter:

This is Molly who is three years old and so adorable – of course I had to stand there for a while to have a chat to her and give her some loving.

Next stop was to a friend of Ken’s in Rickmansworth who has got three lovely cats – I spent most of the visit communing with Polo who is 19.  By the end of the visit I was covered in white fur and had several wet spots on my top as she drools a lot!!

Then to finish the day pizza with my beloved by candlelight – what could be more romantic.

Now the reason I call it not quite a perfect day off is a message that was left on our answer phone – someone rang up and made us listen to the celebratory song of Richmond after they beat my might blues!!  That’s not very nice is it??  Though, I have to admit that I was going to do exactly the same thing if Carlton had won – what a shame I didn’t get to sing the Navy Blues song.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter spent with those that you love.

Pamela & Ken

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