Knight’s Templar in London

We recently visited the Temple Church in London – any fans of Dan Brown will know it from the Da Vinci Code. It’s a beautiful small church just off Fleet Street and when you’re inside you can’t hear any of the noise you normally associate with London.

They actually used the church for the film with Tom Hanks and there are pictures inside of the filming. The round part of the church was consecrated in 1185.

As you can see by the above pictures there’s some great gargoyles in the church.

We also did a bit of a wander and ended up having lunch at a Turkish restaurant called Tas!! We had to have lunch there with a name like that.

Our Meze – very yummy.

Here’s a few more pics from our meanderings.

Australia House


Nice building

If you look closely there is a man asleep on his motorbike

Now just so we don’t disappoint anyone who thinks we live in coffee shops, we did finish up in BB’s in Covent Garden having cake, but instead of a latte my beloved treated me to a small bottle of champagne.

Ken reading a paper we get at the Australia shop

Some of the loveliness

My red velvet cupcake in the middle.

All finished – stay safe and remember it’s Earth Hour tonight – do your bit for mother Earth and turn everything off.

Pamela & Ken

P.S: Final shots – dessert tonight and Ken’s cake I made him.

Chocolate coated strawberries – semi healthy.

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