Day out at Wisley

Our most recent day out was to RHS Gardens Wisley which is about 30 minutes drive away from us. They are beautiful gardens which cover 60 acres – we took mum and Aunty Chris there last time they were over.

We went specifically to see a butterfly exhibit that was on, but also to go for a wander in the fresh air. We had to queue for 45 minutes to see the flutterbyes, but it was worth it – they were handing out activity sheets to the children in the queue to keep them amused so Ken got one as well.

After seeing the exhibit we wandered around the gardens and yes we did stop for coffee and cake. Here’s some more pictures for you to enjoy.

Ken admiring the tortured trees

willow bull

Sleeping plants

There were some beautiful orchids which I know several of my relatives would love.

It was a lovely day even though the garden still has it’s winter coat on – we even joined the Royal Horticultural Society on the day so we can go back as much as we want this year – have to go back soon to see the spring blossoms.

The snowdrops were already out:

That’s it – stay safe, keep smiling, and stop to smell the flowers.

Pamela & Ken

Witch Hazel

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