Ken Wins an Award!!

Today was one of those days when one of us had to be the dutiful, loving partner and go to an event that wasn’t exactly something we would choose to go to – that person being me.  For those that don’t know, Ken is a little bit (slight understatement) of a car fanatic (nut) and his favourite car of the moment is the Peugeot 205.

Ken with his other love

When we arrived Ken went to register and a man came up to the van and started asking me about it (do I look like I know anything about cars??) and all I could do was shrug and say, I don’t know (hoping that Ken would be back very quickly).  Below are a selection of the cars for those of you who are interested (weirdos).  Don’t worry there are some more interesting photos coming.

D374 is Ken’s baby

Luckily for me (the long suffering wife) the car rally was held at Woburn Abbey which is home to the Duke and Duchess of Bedford, and has been for nearly 400 years – it’s a beautiful stately home surrounded by beautiful gardens, so I spent my day enjoying some real culture.  Surrounding the grounds is a deer park  which you drive through for two miles to get to the house – photos of deer, house, and gardens follow – there are lots of sculptures through the grounds so I’ve included a few of them.

Now the next two pictures may seem a little bit far fetched (Ken did scoff when I told him) but it is a tree with headphones coming out of it so that you can hear the tree drinking!!  You heard me right – when you put the headphones on you can hear the tree drawing liquid up through it’s roots – it’s amazing!!  I even managed a self portrait of me with the headphones on (ignore the hair that makes me look like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards).

The next photo is the proof that my beloved had a very good day – all the participants at the rally had to vote on their favourite car/van in each model category and Ken won the trophy for best 205!!!
He couldn’t believe it but I knew he would win as he spends hours on that little van that he found on e-bay and has restored to a thing of beauty (in the eyes of Peugeot anoraks). 

It was a really good day – both of us had fun in different ways, and in the end I was very proud of my gorgeous man.
Enough for now, stay safe and keep smiling.
P & K

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