Small dogs & Afternoon Tea

For those that don’t know, Ken is no longer a Policeman and is now walking dogs – though not what Ken would call a dog, being used to German Shepherds and Spaniels.  When he first walked the two below he sent me a text stating: ‘I used to walk proper dogs’.

Harley & Bailey

After we’d walked the dogs we decided to go into London for the afternoon as we’d seen a really nice tea room that we wanted to try – it’s called BB and is near Covent Garden.  It’s a really quaint little place with amazing cakes and gorgeous old fashioned china – once we viewed the menu we couldn’t resist splashing out on High Tea – very decadent I know but life’s too short not to enjoy. 

Ken showing his posh side

Window display of meringues

It was so lovely and we will definitely be going back, especially as they do red velvet cupcakes – watch this space for when that happens.
We then went for a meander around London, via the shop I worship at (though not too often as I would be the size of a house) – the Australia shop.
Mint slices, Vegemite, and lots of other loveliness
Covent Garden is great to wander around as there are always street performers and stalls selling such a wide variety of things – I couldn’t leave without buying myself a new bag, green and with a big wooden button on it.  While I was perusing the stalls Ken was listening to the group pictured below – they were really good, dancing whilst they played their instruments.  The other pic is for any other fans of Big Bang that are reading this.

Now unbelievably (especially considering the afternoon tea we had eaten) we decided to stop in this frozen yogurt cafe and partake of their lovely guilt free yogurt – fat free and sugar free (they use agave syrup to sweeten the yogurt).  As you can see from the pictures it is very brightly decorated and even has a galah on the wall.

Ken’s cherry yogurt with white chocolate stars & my green tea yogurt with shaved coconut

A friend we picked up during the day
Now totally stuffed we wandered down to Trafalgar Square – saw a couple posing in their wedding finery with a red London bus – and then went down to the crypt in St Martins in the Field, the church opposite the square.  On display was an exhibition of embroidered pictures made by all the different guilds in the UK to celebrate the Olympics – embroidered pieces of every country that took part – spot the Australian strip.
From Trafalgar Square we walked down to the Thames and across on one of the foot bridges – there was a man with a snake rapped around his arm!!  Poor snake!
Lots of people trying to get money out of the tourist with various sidewalk tricks, but we just enjoyed the view as we crossed.
On the south bank of the Thames there is a lovely area that has been set up for the summer with garden seats, fairy lights in the trees, and beautiful coloured lanterns – we were lucky to get one of the garden swing seats and sat there for ages just enjoying the early evening in London – people watching which is always fun.

Slightly fuzzy as Ken hasn’t quite mastered his new phone

It was a really lovely day, and I won two pounds off Ken because I spotted famous people before him (it’s a game we play, a pound per famous person).
Hope everything is good in your world, stay safe and keep smiling.
Pamela & Ken (and Koala)

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